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Apr 25, 2014
Since so many of us are octo-moms (no, not that kind of octomom), I thought it might be fun to show off our animal/insect/living creature shaped designs done with pearls. Here is my spider pin...can't wait to see what others post! And I will add my octo when he arrives home.

My bug:

DK :)
Wow! Jersey, dkan, and cyndako - what pearly critters those are!
love em!
image.jpgOoh, I do have a lot of pearl critters...I'll start with one of my own non-octo creations, some of you have seen this before...
Great thread -- I love seeing all of these gorgeous critters!
Very cool, I don't own any bugs so nothing to post here, but the pieces are all very interesting.
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My critters are both from Sheri. I also wear the hippocampus with the gold metallic strand.


The hippocampus is made with Dresden paper. It is truly a work of art. I saw it posted on Sheri's facebook page and had a cow when I saw it. I asked her to bring it to the 2012 ruckus just to drool over it never dreaming that it could me mine. I love this piece and am thrilled to have it in my collection.
Beautiful and clever pieces. The hippocampus is definitely a heart-stealer!
My Sea Horse.


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Here is a bird from Carolyn Ehret, from the last time she did the GJX show in Tucson. I stole these from an old post and color corrected them. The pearls in the background are lavender, some almost blue, but they don't really show well. I used to wear the pendant a lot. I find that men, especially, love any kind of animal jewelry. :)