Show us your menagerie

I've already gushed over Kanaloa on another thread. I'm just speechless. It's GORGEOUS.
Thank you, BW & Bailey1856. Kanaloa is a beauty, for sure...a work of art. Sheri outdid herself with him. Thanks to her, he is exactly how I had pictured in my mind, so I give her all the credit!!
That is epic! Congratulations on all the creativity, vision and skill realised in that astonishing piece!
Thanks, SydK. Kanaloa is a stellar piece!! Just loving him!!!

Magnificent! I'm blown away. Love how he sits so well on you surrounded by pearly glory. I think I'd have to keep a mirror on me at all times so I could look at him all the time.
Thank you, Happy Hukua. Sheri did a fabulous job with how well Kanaloa sits on my neck & how comfortable he is to wear despite his size. I have a hard time keeping my eyes off of him; definitely a pearl feast for the eyes.