Show us your menagerie

Very interesting pearl jewelry, everyone. Sheri, please post cicada when you make one. How about dragonfly? Here is my gecko pendant (Cook Islands keshi pearl).


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I just adopted one of Sheri's octo parents!! I fell in love ages ago and I finally got him! Named him Big Papa, here is is, and also with little dude!



Whoa, welcome, Big Papa! He must be happy to reunite with Little Dude.

Is he heavy on you? Please post a neck shot.
I do believe his head is set with a glorious silvery blue baroque SSP. I don't know the MM exactly but it is larger than my 14mm Golden SSP.

I am trying to figure out the best way to wear him, so I will post neck shots as soon as he has a necklace.
You are right about the pearl - silver South Seas with a definite blue cast. My guess is that the pearl is from Indonesia or that general area, as I have acquired a number of other similarly-colored pearls from that region. As I recall, the unset pearl measurement was roughly 16mx20mm.
I'm so glad Big Papa went to a loving home!
And Hanaleimom, I do have dragonflies flittering about in the recesses of my mind, and a couple pearls already earmarked for bodies! Stay cannot rush the creative process...:rolleyes:
As an aside, if anyone visits Pinterest, I have a gallery devoted exclusively to pearl creatures, hundreds of photos, mostly antiques, but also some modern ones. A good source of inspiration. I would love to own them all! At least there is some satisfaction in collecting photos. You can find the gallery under Sheri Jurnecka.
I found a brassy chain to wear until I figure out a more permanent solution for him. I am thinking of BBA or some white keshi, but he is a little heavy so I want something that will support him well enough, but also look good with him!

I love Ringo! queen bee so cute and amazing!

Sheri octopuses are gorgeous!