Sea of Cortez Mabes!

On my..... the design the colours. ... it's magnificent. Fit for royalty
Just seeing this post BAS. These are utterly fabulous! Well done. And the craftsmanship is just exquisite.
BAS you new set is really beautiful and I bet you will love wearing them. Congratulation on a great design.
I don't usually have time to read everything here and often skip showusyour pearls, but for some reason I caught a glimpse of this set.

I think it should be entered in a design contest. It is another stunning piece of creativity coming out of Pearl Paradise!!!!!

I didn't read the print only looked at the pix, so don't know who designed and executed this, but it is worthy of anything I have ever seen come out of an AGTA contest.
I am most certainly a very, very happy camper. The colors and luster of the pearls themselves are a pure joy. And John's design. Well, it couldn't be more beautiful.
I can't stop looking at these pieces. They look so lovely on you BAS, and John's workmanship and engineering design on the back is just as worthy as the front ... remarkable!