My Sea of Cortez Mabe Ring

dkan 168

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Oct 6, 2008
I purchased this SoC Mabe from Eastern Tradewind/Agustus-Collection with the intention of setting it as a pendant drop. However, it is too small for my large frame, and I had it set in a ring instead.

Ring size is 12 US, in 14K White Gold, diamond melees are 1.5mm each, and I am very pleased with it. It will come with me to the Ruckus later this month.


That is a perfect setting for such a beautiful pearl. Looking forward to meeting you soon :)
That's gorgeous! I'm in love with SoC mabes.
Lovely ring! Glad you're bringing with you so I can see it in person :)
Beautiful SoC Pearl ring... Looks really lovely on you - perfect!
It's beautiful!!! I can hardly wait to see it (try it on -- she hopes?) very soon!!!
Gorgeous ring. Even better than you can look down on that stunning mabe pearl all day.
What a lovely setting for a gorgeous pearl! SOC pearls have such amazing color. You'll be able to look at it all day long as a ring!
This is the pearl that started all my current pearl troubles (cough), I mean obsessions... love it!! It was lovely even when unset, but it is just GORGEOUS now! :)