Sea of Cortez Mabes!


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May 25, 2013
Dear Fellow Pearl Lovers -- I am beyond delighted to present glamour shots of my mabes gorgeously set by John at PP!!!

I fell in love with Douglas' mabes after seeing Pattye and Caitlin's pictures. In 2013 I emailed Douglas and he picked 4 glorious mabes from his current harvest. I had initially wanted them set as earrings, a pendant and a ring.

It's been a long and winding almost three year road to the finished product. I began by asking Pattye and Caitlin's advice, years ago, on how to set mine. I hit many dead ends (jewelers no longer doing the kind of work I wanted, etc.). A jeweler I've worked with in the past didn't dare touch them fearing he'd damage the edges... and then PP came to the rescue!!! The finished product far exceeded my expectations and I am a very, very happy camper! John -- I'm sending you yet more hugs of delight and appreciation!

I promise neck and ear shots next week. For now:

SOC mabes 1.jpg

SOC mabes 5.jpg

SOC mabes 6.jpg

option 1a.jpg

final option.jpg




And before you ask -- here are the stats!

14K Rose Gold
0.20ctw white diamonds (G, VS1)
0.12ctw green diamonds (color enhanced)

14K Rose Gold
0.17ctw white diamonds (G, VS1)
0.06ct green diamond (color enhanced, SI1)
17” cable chain, attached to piece with 1” of extension chain
What a treat to see these, BAS!! The mabes are simply exquisite. Such saturated colors and John's design is incredible. Wear these in the best of health and happiness!

I'm looking forward to more pictures : )
The SoCs are incredible. So many lovely colours! And John did a beautiful job designing the settings. Just stunning!
wow bas, everything about this is SO gorgeous, the pearls and the settings! i really like them in the rose gold, it brings out the oil slick colors in the pearls! :)
Stunning, the rose gold and the green diamonds complement and enhance those gorgeous mabes. Enjoy in good health!
John really came through with a stunning design. I am very happy for you. ♡♡♡♡♡