Road trip to Kojima Pearls

Here is Sarah Canizzaro in her youtube video I shot teaching how to create a endless supply of beading needles using copper filament wire. If you require more info look at the Lowly Beaders thread for more information.
Sarah also has a very old jade collection that was collected by Rudolph Voll. We took a lot of pictures but the ones on her site show it off better.

OMG, aside from the endless amount of beyond fabulous pearls, Sarah also has an old jade collection?!?!?! What other treasures does Sarah have stashed away?????????? I DIE!!!!!!!!!
LOL Purr ;)

Wendy only took pictures of the pearls on two walls and the middle table. There is a couple more walls and another case of pearls which were behind two more rooms ;)

Sarah has lots of pearls.
Thank you SO much ladies.. it is fun to see the studio through a fresh lens!
Purranha : we also have chocolate croissants :)
(watching it sit there in the video makes me laugh everytime)
Wendy, you are an amazing photo/cinematographer and Cindye always a gracious model.
Fantastic photos! What a collection of unusual pearls and jewelry, nice work collecting Sarah!
Fabulous photos of fabulous pearls. Love, love, love the purple Japanese Kasumi. So many unique and stunning choices.
Oh, those large Tahitians look yummy. Well, everything does, really. Very interesting to see that giant clam pearls necklace, I have never seen something like that. Looks like fun was had! Thanks for sharing.
Okay, chocolate croissants seal the deal ... I'm going to San Raphael LOL. LOVE this thread ladies !!!
This is great. Having seen Sarah's pearls in Tucson, I can vouch for how fantastic they are. Also the rings are superb, treasures, really. Note my all-time two favorite rings, the top one is my Kojima Japanese Kasumi pearl ring. The bottom is an abalone mabe from Eyris and the earrings are metallic white drops from Pearl Paradise with findings from Nina Designs.

This was the first photo I could find where the ring can be viewed from the side, so it's a "family" shot. :)

kojima ring plus.jpg
Blaire your Kasumi ring is one of my favorites.

This would be a great place to post pictures of all of our Sarah creations.
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Lucy is modeling Sarah's Freshwater pink metallic ripple 14mm natural Tahitian baroque pearl, Chinese freshwater stacked pearl necklace.

Thanks for posting all these fabulous photos ! This that the clasp between the Tahitian and the Ripple or is it a 'spacer'/feature bead thingy? really interesting! I have a few of those stacked pearl necklaces..I'm going to have to dig them out now and start to wear them again..this reminded me how much I liked them :) those rings!! That Kasumi is one of my favourites !!
Katbran it is a design element because there is a clasp in the back. I really liked this necklace a lot. Very substantial more on the vein of a neck piece.
This is the giant ripple/metallic pearl that I bought from Sarah. I made it with black diamond strand. I'm so happy with the result. I know that whenever I need something stunning, Kojima Pearl is where I can find what I need.
Thanks Sarah.
Tam M
Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. The pictures are wonderful!!!