Road trip to Kojima Pearls


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Aug 8, 2009
Lucy and Ethel's spring time adventure to visit our dear friend Sarah and her fabulous pearls at Kojima Pearls.

It just started out as a spur of the trip to keep Wendy company because Bill was away on business for the week. Then pearl girls being pearl girls decided that being this close to Kojima Pearls a visit there was a must.

A long train ride then a car trip through traffic, thunder lightning and torrential rain couldn't keep us away from the pearls.

Thank you Sarah for the lovely day and now enjoy all the pictures. Oh and Wendy made a video of Sarah making needles to share with you on the Lowly Beaders Club. As soon as we figure out how to download and post it.
FullSizeRender (5).jpg

The shorter strand of pearls Sarah is wearing are the very rare Sea of Cortez pearls grown by Douglas McLaurin and the longer strand are the very rare Japanese Lake Kasumi-ga-Ura pearls.
My eyes were as big as saucers just looking at the pearls Sarah was wearing. Both stands were very rare and to see them both worn together was a sight to behold.
Sitting in the the middle of the table were all these lovely strands. Edison, Kasumi and the "Grace Pearl Rope".
My jaw just about fell down to my knees...
I've lusted after that National Selection SoC strand Sarah has listed on her website.
And an entire ROPE of kasumi-ga-ura pearls? And entire strands of purple edisons?
OH-EM-GEE...I'm dying...

I hope Sarah brings some of those to the Ruckus and Cynde & Wendy so envious of your visit and thank you for reporting as always!!!
My goodness that's a lot of beautiful pearls! And those SoC... SIGH
Purr that's exactly how I felt when she greeted us at the door. I'm sure she will be happy to bring what ever you want to see and lots and lots more.