Lucy and Ethel hit the road for a pearl adventure.....


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Dec 16, 2010
Mr. Fuzzysocks was transferred at work and moved to CA in January. I am selling my home in GA before I leave the deep south. I am heading over for a visit and called Newberry to tell her I was coming to CA. Before I knew it she said she was driving up to see us.
She suggested we take a road trip with DH and before I knew it we were heading over to see Sarah at Kojima pearls for a tour of her studio. Newberry is driving and we get to see the sites of San Francisco from the passenger seat, which is much more relaxing. I just got a new camera, so expect some photos of the trip...
Great news and good luck!
Waiting for the full report an photos.
Now I've been told our pearl pal la_corsetiere will be joining us and Movie Zombie too. I can't wait to see some of Sheri's new creations.
Have fun on your mini-ruckus! Oh I wish I lived on the west coast!
Have a wonderful time! I am very much looking forward to your report and to your superb photography!
Oh, I hope you all have such a wonderful time ... I know you will ... I look forward to lots of photos :)
With Fuzzy's new camera she is itching to try I am sure lots of pictures will be involved.
What an exciting new chapter for you Fuzzy! Sending you lots of "sell your home quick" vibes!!! Enjoy your trip with Newberry and have fun meeting up with your pearl friends! Safe travels!
How fun! I know you'll have an awesome time! And congrats to the Fuzzysockses! What an exciting adventure for you!
How fun ! (obviously not talking about selling the house...that's NO fun at all lol ) But your are going to have such a good time! It would be wonderful to visit the studio and see everything in real life. I'm sure there is a ton of stuff that's not on the web site! Sarah has such interesting designs ! Take heaps of photos !!
I must say, that I loved thinking of LFS in her castle, but it's so much better for us to have the both of them in California. :)