Road trip to Kojima Pearls



WENDY's SEA OF CORTEZ earrings and pendant set 1494.jpg

Kojima Pearl Company created these pieces from pearls and mabe` from Douglas McLaurin's Sea of Cortez pearls. I had purchased the pendant mabe at the ruckus from Douglas and was so happy to find someone who could make them into jewelry.
Wow another stunning set of SoC. Kojima did a fabulous job with the settings.
LOVE LOVE LOVE your SoC pieces, GemGeek and lilliefuzzysocks!!

These fun bracelets and Kasumi Pearl ring were my very first pieces from Kojima Co...


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lilliefuzzysocks -- I just saw the pictures of your mabe set! Gorgeous! I can hardly wait to see them on you at the Ruckus!!! Douglas can be a mightily proud Papa seeing all his babies so beautifully framed!
Wow, everything is amazing. And that SoC mabe set is mouth watering...
Newberry had a great idea to use this thread to show Kojima pieces. More, please! ;)

Oh, and we need a group shot of those Sea of Cortez sets at the Ruckus.
Over the years I have collected several wonderful pieces from Sarah. Here are just a few of them ;)

Green Tahitians
Cynderedo-22128 (2).jpg

Sarah created the golden south sea tin cup for my dream drop and made a few changes to the white south sea necklace.

My first visit to Sarah was to her previous studio with the wonderful orange wall. The south sea drop was my dream pearl and the rope was my first Tahitian rope. I asked her to choose the most colorful one she had and this was it. She is now re-doing this strand with aquas. So stay tuned.......
rope multi colored strand and white south sea.jpg

Last springs trip to visit Sarah. Kasumi earrings had been on my wish list for a long while and these caught my eye. The crazy green overtones match a souffle that I have from Pearl Paradise.
green Kasumiearrings.jpg

I saw this necklace posted on facebook and fell in love and it had to be mine. Aqua is my husbands birthstone.

The necklace is not mine (although I wish it was) the earrings are. Sea of Cortez mabes
Thank you for sharing your photos, Newberry. Each piece is so very, very lovely on you!
Thank you for all the gorgeousness. I am happy to hear that you acquired the aquamarine necklace. You are a perfect pearl model!
Sarah's studio is a pearl lovers fantasy play land. Thanks everyone for the compliments but truthfully it's all due to Sarah unique style that just speaks to me.