Pearls at Paris 27th Biennale

IT IS Cartier, very geometrical as they used to, but never "too much" that's talent definitely !
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Pearl seeds, 1910 mechanical long watch with platinum, yellow gold, diamonds.
It's incredibile how it announces the arts deco though made in 1910
What's your opinion?
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WOW! Can you imagine who wore this, and what the rest of their outfit looked like, and what sort of occasions it was worn to?

I have a theory that Art Nouveau was out of fashion by 1910, and Art Deco geometric was already lurking in the wings, but was delayed by onset of WWI. This piece fits that theory nicely.

Do we know who it was made for?
The watch is egg-shaped, and evoques the tradition of Easter eggs that were offered in the imperial russian family.
Faberge exhibited magnificent eggs in 1900 at the "Exposition universelle de Paris". At the same period, Cartier brothers started relationships with Russia and started seasonal trade in St Petersburg from 1907.
not finished yet :)
I'm really enjoying this thread! What fabulous treasures; thank you for sharing all this.
Hi. Does anybody knew the requirements if someone wishes to display a pearl in an exhibition fare, e.g., Pearl Exhibit in Hong Kong or elsewhere? And how is it done? Are there handlers to guarantee the safety of the pearls.

I'm offering some of my collections to be displayed for pearl enthusiasts to see the beauty of gigantic pearls.

Tips, suggestions and advice are very much welcome most especially from those who had experienced a pearl exhibit.

thank you.
Each fair has its own rules and you have to read the organizer requirements to participate, there are no "general " requirements.
I suggest you start a new thread for any new subject
Called " Collier absolu" or "absolute necklace" : a platinum necklace, a 30 carat pear-shaped diamond of absolute clarity, 2 kite shaped diamonds for 7, 26 carat and …
a 17,41 grains natural pearl.
It goes with a pair of matched earrings, just in case you feel too naked with the necklace "only" .
On the contrary if you think the necklace is "too much", one diamond can be adapted on a ring.
So what's your opinion?


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Next will be the last from the Biennale but amazing ...
Wow! Yes, please, I will take the necklace and the earrings... Stunning, and so modern; Iove the lines. Is it Cartier?
Yes it is Cartier, made for the Biennale, so modern
Stunning - hard to imagine the massive size of that pear shaped diamond.
Thank you for a wonderful thread.
The photos of these magnificent jewels are very greatly appreciated! One of my most favorite things to do whenever I'm in DC, is to visit the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. I can spend hours in the gems and minerals exhibit. And the Cartier exhibit at the Hillwood Museum, also in DC, runs through the end of the year.
The Hillwood Museum is an amazing place with Cartier's famous pearl necklace of Marjorie Post.

Now this is the last photo for this thread and the very famous pearl "perle royale" of 166 grains in a tiara transformable into a necklace. Additional fine pearls and diamonds on the tiara, see the delicate shades of the button natural pearls on the sides.
The orient, luster, shape, size of this pearl make it (we say "her" in french ) one of the finest and most beautiful natural pearls in the world. … by Cartier.
Matching earrings available …
This pearl once belonged to Queen Mary. I can't stop contemplating this wonder. Do you?


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