Pearls as One The New CPAA Pearl Specialist Certification Course

Still very slowly working on completing the course. I hope this is not an issue. Big changes are coming our way, with relocation to the USA. There is so much to do with that alone. Really looking forward to completing this course. So much valuable information!

I am so glad to hear! We just broke 5000 on the number of enrolled in the English version this week. We have some big changes coming with the CPAA in the next couple of months - Jennifer Heebner, who I know most of you are familiar with, with be taking the reigns as Executive Director in January. These are exciting (pearl) times!
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This is wonderful news! Congratulations to both Jennifer and CPAA.
Congratulations to Jennifer and CPAA, and especially to Jeremy and everyone who worked so hard to bring us the fantastic Pearls As One course!
Congratulations to Jennifer and the CPAA! Thank you everyone who brought us the Pearls as one course!
I finished the course in November. Many thanks for the valuable information and the opportunity to learn in your native language. Thanks to Jeremy and everyone who worked on this course. I'm waiting for my certificate on the CPAA form.
I really enjoyed doing the course and looking forward to anything that might be added to it in the future. Thanks again.
Just took the exam this morning and passed. I am so excited and plan to celebrate. Thank you for this great course.
I know many of you have already seen the project we have been working on for the past year. We announced it last week at the Ruckus in Beverly Hills. This is more of a formal introduction to the full community.

Recently I’ve gotten involved with the CPAA, first as chairman of their marketing community and I am now treasurer of the organization.

Last year I presented an idea to the Cultured Pearl Association of America. Part of the idea was to create a new Pearl Specialist Certification Course and make it available to jewelers and pearl lovers, collectors, wholesalers and retailers around the world. They loved the idea and we’ve since presented it to our benefactors in Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Fiji – all of whom have assisted.

I enlisted Caitlin’s assistance in the research and writing. The beta version is now live at The course is not finished. There is a lot left to edit and add. The tests have not been created yet either. Our goal is to have it finished, or at least very close to finished by the end of the month.

We could really use everyone’s help. What is missing? What is confusing? Where are the typos? In every lecture there’s a box for comments. The comments won’t display publicly so please don’t hold back.

We also want to create the quizzes and there are now pages for questions that you think we should include for the specialist certification.

We want everyone who is an active member of Pearl-Guide to become the first CPAA certified pearl specialists, since it is the knowledge of this community that has created the course.

ALSO! I mentioned earlier this year we would be giving away another trip to a pearl farm! Our friends at Atlas Pearl have graciously offered to host a member of our community in Bali, Indonesia.

We would like to hold the drawing this Christmas. The way to enter is going to be simple. To enter, one must be a member of with at least 50 posts AND be a new certified pearl specialist.

We are sending someone to Bali!

So when can we take the course and become certified? Do we get a crtificate?
Hi, Jeremy! I am currently enrolled in and taking this course. Do you have any advise on my next steps? I am eager to learn how to drill pearls. I am located in NJ.
Look at this thread, it’s fabulous!!!
Of all the certificate options, I think I’d
this one! It seems to come with a hank of pearls!


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