Pearls as One The New CPAA Pearl Specialist Certification Course

Shame on her!! I hope she sees this thread and feels ashamed of herself.
Sad as it may be, if she has done the course and passed it, she is perfectly entitled to say so. The world is over-run with liars at the moment
She could probably join the CPAA too - no vetting.
But not the BPA which requires two references.
While she can post pictures of her certificate, is she allowed legally to post pictures of the website and pictures showing her progress?
Does the CPAA still provided a certificate of completion for the Pearls Specialist course? If they do, what is the normal turn-around time for the certificate to arrive?

Thank you,
M. Gossage
They do provide the certificate but you have to be patient...they are not sent out quickly.
Ugh, just saw the first facebook scam party tout their CPAA. Selling freshwater "akoya" on pearl party club/facebook. I need Lysol.
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Wow - there is no way you can pass the course and still believe they are Akoya pearls. It's one thing to be ignorant, it's another to be outright deceitful.
Either blatantly stupid or blatantly crooked… Neither a very desirable trait.
My certificate came! I finished the course in February, so it takes a few months.
Yes, I sent an e-mail to Bo to ask for a redo and got it after a few weeks of e-mailing. I love and cherish my herby, but I figured if I ever wanted to impress someone, it would look better if everything was spelled correctly.
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Just passed the test a few days ago - thanks a lot Jeremy, this was most interesting!!!
My sister and I both passed the course in July. It was so interesting. We learned so much. Thank you for posting the free code. We saved our pdf certs and brag that we are proud pearl experts!