Pearls as One The New CPAA Pearl Specialist Certification Course

Hey Jeremy, can I get a corrected one too? Let me know if I need to email somewhere. Thanks!
Now I'm curious about the "herby." I feel like I'm missing out. lol
So everybody appears to be back from vacation and I reached out to the CPAA office this week.

All the certificates for those who completed the course before 12.06.16 were sent out. The next batch from 12.07 until today were downloaded this morning and certificates are being prepared.

If you certificate went missing or you received one of those special "herby" certs and want a new one, just email Bo Perry directly. His email address is boperry @ (without the spaces, of course).
Thanks Jeremy. As much as I love my Herby certificate, I think I want one with correct spelling in case I need to show it to someone.
With so many new pearl grads around, does that mean we now get new pearl traders also? Who needs supply? LOL
With so many new pearl grads around, does that mean we now get new pearl traders also? Who needs supply? LOL

I'd rather travel with the vendors to help them select the most beautiful pearls. I won't like competing with these guys here.
I actually wrote Bo and asked for a corrected certificate. I don't think they're automatic.
Ugh, just saw the first facebook scam party tout their CPAA. Selling freshwater "akoya" on pearl party club/facebook. I need Lysol.
Maybe this is an issue that the cultured pearl association needs to address through a cease and desist request regarding the use of their certificate program to defraud the public.
That is terrible! I do not understand how someone can willfully do this to deceive people to make a buck. This kind of thing makes my skin crawl.

Here I am feeling awful for not getting back to finishing the course. Other things in my life right now are taking precedence. Hoping there is not a time frame to finish this. I apologize.
I hate to be cynical but I was wondering when this would happen.

MM I avoid FB for many reasons (Politics being the biggest) but I really appreciate all that you are doing and your vigilance, you have come a long long way from curiosity to being a pearl warrior :), you just might make it to a PG pearl police squad member (if not already lol)