Natural white Hanadama vs White Hanadama


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Jan 22, 2009



Natural white hanadama vs regular hanadama from Pearl Paradise
Thanks for clearing that. Is there something special I should do to the attachment?

Since I am partial to silver-rose pearls rather than "rose", I love the naturals even more!! I am swooning! Thanks for posting.
Is it wrong to say I like them both? ....or rather I want them both! Lovely strands.
As pink as the pinked hanadama pearls are, they look white against the skin. Amazing, isn't it?

I love my natural white hanadamas soooooo much. We're a club of two. Anyone else want to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in perpetuity and join us? ;)
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Pattye, Oh - I just can't stop taking pics. Got to stop - I love the way they show up in photos - sometimes different from what I see. Luckily it's been overcast for sometime.

GemGeek, I'll have to probably skip the peanut butter and jelly and just live on the bread alone. :) All worth it though. :)

And yes - the pinked Hanadamas look white by themselves. Also, they look better on a pinkish white skin than my brown skin.

Yeah Pattye! Now if people stop posting pics we'll know whose idea it was!
On the other hand, I haven't posted any pics yet and lost my avatar. Probably I should just be quiet.
Barbie, you? Don't start being quiet just yet. What happened to your avatar? ;)
Oh, Lord, could the torture get any worse?????????? That black background is like a Sultry Night exclamation point!

p.s.1 and that's one of the best shots ever to come out of your studio, as far as realism and depth. Cool!

p.s.2 Jeremy, in one of your early videos you were in a room with pearls in glass jars, climate controlled, with special lights, showing examples of different quality pearls being bleached. Then, you brought out a jar with pearls in a light raspberry colored solution. Was that solution the 'pinking' solution you've mentioned?
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So, I also want to know -

1) Why the big push to 'pink' the pearls? The Natural Whites seem gorgeous the way they are (to me), white.

2) When did 'pinking' start?

3) My Rice Krispies don't seem 'pinked'. Were they, as a class, also subjected to this treatment?

4) Will we see less 'pinking' in the future? Is the demand for natural-white pearls high enough to justify a change in Pinking policy?
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Ha! Found it! (The photo Pearls on black surface, and I was wrong - it wasn't bundled with pearls-in-the-hallway photos) and I'm giving this thread a bump, for the halibut.

nice pic of pinked vs non-pinked akoya on page 1.
Oh, y'know, I do what I can...not as much fun to suffer/enjoy alone. ;-)