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  • Hi Kylie! this is endoqueen. I am trying to post a new thread and do not know where to click. It says I can post but I have not been able to find where to click.
    That's me, obsessed! But as long as I am sane about it, it gives me great pleasure. So we will continue in our delightful obsession, OK??
    Hi Kylie,
    Were obsessed aren't we......... but thats OK, its a good obsession..... We aren't hurting anyone, just our checkbooks.....
    Happy to meet you! It is way too much to keep up with, but you don't see me stopping or at least trying! So many pearls, so many pearl lovers!
    Hi! I'm PK PearlGeek. I haven't posted recently on QVC, but I've been trying to keep up with the posts there. It's hard work! Ha Ha! ;)
    I was telling Newberry today that I, like her sister, didn't even like pearls before, that now I know it was because all I had seen were of poor quality. What a difference when you see what they can really be!! I won't go anywhere now without something of pearls on, except haircut day - they wouldn't like that! lol I am now lusting after a blue/turquoise or purple Tahitian. There is no end to all the pearls I would love to have!
    I kept some chains too, The ones that I really love.... but sold off some other things, that I know I will not wear. I only wear pearls I have for about 2 year now..... I feel not dressed unless I have one on. I am sooooooo enjoying my T pendant. LOVE IT!
    Pearlie - same thing here! I sold off a lot of gold a month or so ago, but luckily kept some great chains for pearl pendants! I only want pearls on these days.
    Hi Kylie,
    I think I did it.. YAY I am not as bad at this as I think.. I am getting so computer smart....... Aren't pearls so much fun. I do not wear anything else anymore. Just my pearls. I actually dold off alot of gold a few weeks agi that I did no longer wear or want.
    Kylie, it just goes to show you I have no clue how to do this because I just checked and saw your message. Sorry I'm so late in replying.
    I find it very hard figuring out what to do on this forum. But I love all the info here. The people are so helpful and knowledgeable here too.
    Hi! I barely know how to get around here, so hopefully I get this right! What a fest for the eyes and heart!!
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