Hanadama Certificate by the J GGC


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Jul 19, 2023
Hi Folks.
New to the forum, first post.
Have been devouring the content here, though, and learning quite a lot from you guys. Thanks so much, btw.

I have been following some Japanese auctions and came across a lot of Hanadama certificates issued by the Japan Gem Grading Center (GGC).

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.
Is the GGC a credible institution ? And if so, are they even "allowed" to grant Hanadama status/certificates, or is the grading itself a PSL thing?
Do you think their certificate hold the same value as PSL's?

Thanks in advance!
Welcome aboard @Frogyyy !
Hoping some of our members will be able to chime in on this. I was aware that the "Japanese Pearl Laboratory" and the Japanese "Pearl Science Lab" were authorized to issue Hanadama certificates, but I am sure some of our members will be able to chime in!
Thanks a lot Cortez.
In the meanwhile, I also came across a few more Hanadama Certificates, now by the Pearl Institute Co. Ltd. (株式会社 真珠総合研究所).
Which thickens this discussion, I guess.