Akoya hanadama online retailers


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Oct 20, 2023
Hello everyone, I am looking to buy my wife white Akoya hanadama stud earrings. The Pearl Source has 9.5-10mm. Has anybody purchased from The Pearl Source? Are they reputable?

Largest Pearl Paradise has is 8.5-9mm. I would prefer the slightly larger size. I like that Pearl Paradise selects only top range Hanadama I just wish they had the slightly larger size.

Can anybody recommend other reputable retailers? I did read some posts on here that referenced a recommended online retailer list but I was not able to find the list. Does anybody have a link? Please advise.
I have 10.3mm natural white from Takahashi in Japan they are not hanadama but darn close. I bet Pearl Paradise could ask their supplier to meet your request. They are really good with special orders.
I agree with @newberry
Some vendors offer you the flexibility of special orders on request, so yes...do try this venue!