metallic multicolor keshi necklace :)


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Jan 26, 2014
hi guys, here's pictures of what i picked up so far during the mothers day sale at PP! it's a 36 inch 7-9mm metalic multicolor keshi pearl necklace... the colors are very vibrant and look so pretty with spring colors! this is my first piece of metallic pearl jewelry and I'm really drawn to the cooler lavender toned pearls on the strand. do any of you have just metalllic round lavender pieces you could show me or tell me where pictures already exist on the forum? i'm eyeing up the metallic round graduated bracelet and strand and would love to see others non stock pictures if there's any out there! thanks :)
anyway on to the pictures,



photo 1(3).jpg

photo 2(5).jpg
photo 1(4).jpg

photo 2(6).jpg
I bought that strand, too! Isn't it wonderful?! Once you go metallic, well...
You asked to see round metallic lavender pieces. All I have are these studs from a few years ago:

Beautiful metallic keshi necklace.

I love the lavender pearls the best as well. Here are pictures of my round metallic lavender necklace and bracelet from Pearl Paradise. They were purchased this last winter. I already owned the lavender earrings that are also from Pearl Paradise, but were not purchased as metallics.

Pearl Dreams, those earrings are fabulous. They certainly would go with anything! ;)
Red, your lavenders are incredible and they look so good against your skin! :)
Love those peachy tones, funky_pearl! I keep getting distracted by keshis lately, too! Especially the larger, wonkier ones.

Pearl Dreams, what is the mm on those lavender round studs? 10ish? They look great.
Red, those look really great on you!

Pearl Dreams, those earrings are fabulous. They certainly would go with anything! ;)

I got them originally to go with my 8-9mm multicolored exotic strand from Jeremy's 2008 private offer, and they seem to suit it well.


Pearl Dreams, what is the mm on those lavender round studs? 10ish? They look great.

They're 8-9mm as I recall.
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thank you pearl dreams and red for the photos of your beautiful lavender pearls, it's very helpful to see non stock photos! and thanks everyone else for the kind comments :) most people in my life assume my pearls are costume or just aren't pearl people so its fun to hang out here among like minded people!
funky_pearl, that necklace is so pretty! I was very tempted by that one, before I settled on my Champagne Keshi strand. Just lovely ... congratulations :)
Funky_pearl, which of the above photos do you think most accurately represents the true colors of your pearls? Thanks!
cathykeshi, probably the second photo, this strand is a chameleon! the pictures where i'm wearing it it looks a bit washed out and the last two pictures its showing up darker and more colorful then it looks usually. it really changes colors depending on what kind of lighting it's in!
I saw an amazing metallic lavender strand recently and it looked green in certain positions/lighting.
It's amazing how pearls change with the light, isn't it? Thanks for the reply funky_pearl; have fun wearing those!
bas, that metallic lavender green sounds amazing! no problem cathykeshi, they do look quite different in certain lighting!