How to Wear Pearls

I think the first one goes too far... while it might get attention, it also might get you on a fashion miss list. The second one is very popular right now, but I have to say that the third is unique yet classy... bet that gets some good attention for you.

Like the idea of putting them in the back as they often show off that part of the gown these days, but Mikimoto has been advertising that for some time now and I have to agree that it will be uncomfortable while sitting.
Mia looks gorgeous in these pearls, wow! the first photo is just a bit much bondage--my favorite is the cross body. Not sure it could be looped 3x or not.
If someone quite tall wore it, the length probably would be just right, I know Mia is very petite. Maybe add another long single strand, of Tahitians or blue akoyas in a pattern of singles, twos, threes, with a several inch stretch of white pearls in between to add some over the top interest to the all white strand-----well, maybe----make them do a double take--"what ARE those!!"
Just my musings------
Audrey Hepburn did the pearls in back thing so successfully that no one can ever pull it off again without the obvious copycat comparisons. The wrist style is really crazy cool! Practical? Who cares. It's an attention grabber.

I would say to make two 5' strands which would give you more flexibility, but the 10' strand is the publicity machine.

If it's worn layered, no one knows its 10' long. I don't like the one shoulder design either. Just doesn't appeal to me. And again, it could be two strands rather than the one long strand.

Jeremy, let's face it. A 10' strand really needs to be worked with some. May I suggest you give each of us a 10' strand sample to play with?

You know, the more I type, the more I'm leaning toward the wrist design. It's innovative and you know it's a very long strand.

Just thinking out loud here.
the first photo is just a bit much bondage/QUOTE]

Blest be the ties (or pearls in this case) that bind! (Am I going to hell for that one?)
Speaking of wrist, bondage and a variation of the first photo, you can make an upper arm bracelet out of memory wire that twists around the arm 2.5 to 3 times in a spiral.
Oh Blaire, you crack me up!
Jeremy, what a flurry you have created! Great topic!
Now that you've mentioned it, I've always wanted a full pearl hair veil and shawl ... oh well.
Just having fun!!! Taking my Indian tradition one step further. Probably more than one step. :)



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How about rows of pearls draped like the shoulder-cap-cupping neckline, glamour style from Liz Taylor's heyday? Shoulder to shoulder with some kind of enhancers to stabilize the shape and 'anchor' the piece...
Stella McCartney made a nice shoulder cape of pearls for Kate Hudson. I think pic was in US magazine or People.
Are you kidding? There's so much talent on this site, how could he ask for better advisors? and he DID ask! They recognize a good thing when they see it!
Hi members,

I seem to be a bit late still many years ago I saw a gorgeous LP-cover with Shirley Bassey, wearing a dress whose back had several rows of chains or pearls, i don?t remember quite well. It was however stunning and each row of chains or pearls were fastened at the sides of the dress - it was a very low back and absolutely chic!

If anyone can find this picture (and post it here), I think such a style would be wearable even if one had to sit down and an absolute eye-catcher and fitting for an award.

My choice would be the last style, even though that might create a problem when sitting down as the rope could get caught under a chair or something like it!:eek:

Shirley Bassey for you (not the photo you have mentioned), but with pearls all around.....

Shirley Bassey.jpg
Yes Pattye, I loved the pearls in her eyebrows, weird......
We took a couple more shots today. Since the "How to Wear Pearls" thread is getting so long, these new shots are of the same 120-inch from the beginning of the thread:

pearls draped down the back
Pearls wrapped in front
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How fun! If I wore necklaces I'd do a double rope and call it a day. But I do not, so... I'd cross it twice (like this), or lend it to a certain small metal bag (this kind, I can't see the exact model, but you get the drift) to hang from or else loop the thing a few times to get a longer twisted strand closed with a bangle (a nephrite sliver, at 40 mm diameter, it is the only thing I can do with it). Wouldn't mind a similar arrangement as a belt (imagine pencil skirt with high corset waist, drawn rough silk in dull sea-blue colors), only with some different closure (?).

I do these things but with different ropes... coral and chain (a similar piece of jewelry to the one at BM above was the inspiration, years ago, mine are not as heavy, silver and gold) and some yards of small African shells. Summer office-wear, some versions. No way I could get those pearls to be similarly subtle! For once, they would be relatively larger on me... Inasmuch, they' go the same places as my long-suffering cork wedges and straw hat.

If you wondered 'why not evening-wear'? Well, I understand all too well that would be their fate, normally. But I do not wear jewelry unless it is anything but. Hm... come to think of it, they could become part of a certain dress, perhaps even befriend its jacket (temporary attachment on the edge - not far from the area where pearls would hang anyway, nothing too silly /~Thomas Wylde, less wild). Yep, that could work - with a bit of schnapps beforehand.

Quite frankly, at that length ...they are half way indecent exposure, those pearls. Almost no matter how I imagine them on! Possibly not the worst thing for a rope of pearls, but quite the dilemma. [see what I mean? - if that could possibly any one's public face, it's been a while: past tense fashion, presently fantasy in need of a polite shell - by some theory, at least. Might be one conviction with [this] one supporter, but so far, so good.]

[Too personal? ... ear tips getting red here already! Darn tempting thread!]


If these could be strung on metal thread, I might have a reasonably interesting idea... [I am sure everyone has seen some version, but perhaps not with such large beads - their size would be a bit of a challenge, actually. Need to try this out to know exactly how much of a challenge.]

Oh well...
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I like both of the above shots.

Mr. Shepherd, please compliment Mia on her beauty. She has beautiful eyes.
(I have been talking to her about the exotics. My name sounds very close to her name. I guess I'll just call and let her know. :) )