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  • Dear Nora,
    Yes, paintings pop up every year claimed to be Leonardo's. The one I saw in Tallinn, was worth in dept research, but is not verified yet. The painting was discovered in Lucania, Italy, in Dec 2008. Can you imagine, the family used the portrait as a tray for glasses until an art historian, who was invited to sort out the family's art collection, noticed it :)
    There has been ongoing study on item (CIRCE, CNR laboratories etc). So far the wood is poplar (as Mona Lisa) from 1474-1517. The pigments, flat coat etc are from the same time. The feather on the hat is added later and the area of lips is also touched/repainted later. The person on portrait is Da Vinci (very high probability) and there are ca 90% chance that the fingerprint on painting is his. The big question still is, is it self-portrait?
    I am very happy that I had a chance to see the portrait in this stage, as it is, only conserved and delicately cleaned.
    And Nora, thank you for the friends request! ;)

    Br, Maria
    Hi Nora,

    I am art lover myself, but my knowledge is minimal :). I was interested if you have any opinions or have discussed with the art industry people about the "Da Vinci portrait" (the Lucania portrait)? As it was in Tallinn for a week in February, I had a chance to see it. Any possibility it might be Leonardo's self-portrait or maybe painted by the student of his?

    Best regards,
    Hi Nora,

    I am interested what kind of art are you specializing in? Fine art, paintings perhaps?

    Best regards,
    Hi Nora, I missed your birthday! Have a very healthy and prosperous year. I am glad to hear you had a great time and there was pearl sighting too. How exciting!
    Happy Birthday Nora,
    I hope that the year ahead will bring all that you wish for :)
    Best regards from Kerry.
    Hello Nora,
    thank you for your last message, please excuse the delay in my reply but I am just back online. Your Ajax was a magnificent boy, I understand that words couldn't possibly describe him. Obviously I had no need to explain Whippets to you! I love that you have Joy in your neighbourhood, such a fitting name too.

    My Bart is white with alot of fawn brindle colouring. He is 12 years now and has slowed down over the past year, his walks are shorter and at a gentle pace now. His favourite place is a comfy bed, preferably snuggled up with his adoring human, my 21y.o. son :)

    Best wishes from Kerry.
    Hi Nora,
    Nice new album! The Cortez pendant is sooo beautiful and not to mention the earrings, ofcouse. ;) Did you make them yourself?

    Happy holidays!
    LOL. You know when PG was first set up with the "friends", avatar, setting up background in profile, I was so gung-ho about it. After a few months, I don't update profile, etc. anymore. We're friends now. :)
    Hi Nora! Those are some gorgeous creations in your are so artistic in your creations and presentation! :)
    Hi again Nora, thank you for your kind comments about my pearls :) I certainly do enjoy them - wearing them, looking at them, playing with them........!
    Hello Nora, thank you for your friendship request which I'm thrilled to accept :) It's wonderful that thanks to P-G pearl lovers all over the world can become friends.
    I must ask if that beautiful dog in your profile picture is a Saluki? I enjoyed seeing the pics of your two lively dogs in an 'Other Stuff' thread. I'm a dog lover too, I have a 12y.o. Whippet, a sighthound that resembles a small greyhound. In his mind he's still a puppy!
    Kind regards from Kerry.
    Hello Nora,
    Thank you for the friend invitation! I'm delighted to accept. I love turquoise and pearls together, and looking to my right, there's your album. I have a ring that used to belong to my Nana, turquoise and seed pearls. I can't wait to look at your work!
    Thanks again,
    You are welcome, nlerner. Those are the pictures I took for my presentation. Next time when I am home, I will take more and also bring some farming photos.
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