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  • Hi Raison! There are some really nice pictures in your Sydney album! Thanks for putting these up here! :)
    I just received the worst news! My application for ADSL2+ has been rejected AND they also took the original ADSL fixtures off my line so I have to pay to get it back!
    I'm always nosing around somewhere. My travel is coming to an end for these couple months. Final trip to Fukuoka tomorrow. You don't suppose I can find some nice kasumis ...
    No, I beg to differ! Your arm looks so slender and elegant - goes well with the bracelet! :) I hope you'll find the pink pearl of your choice in Suzhou. Garnets, you say? Wow, the crimson hues are really nice! Enjoy wearing all this pretty stuff! ;)
    Thanks for all the compliments! I really wanted something pearly for my avatar, but that happened to be a very nice shot of my garnet ring (Shiliu shi in Chinese) - as good as you can get on 4 MP macro setting anyways. I still can't find a pink pearl I like so I want to leave it for later, maybe in Suzhou. Yeah, that's my rather fat and furry arm! It's supposed to be two crystal-encrusted butterflies. LOL
    Hi Raisondetre! It was great to visit your page here! I enjoyed looking at the pearl and non-pearl stuff. The bracelet looks very elegant on your (I assume) arm! The crimson ring that you now have as an avatar is also quite charming - what stone is it? Cheers!
    Ah, the non-pearl bracelet/bangle? It's sterling silver plated with white gold. I believe those are Swarovski crystals. The rest of the rings are just sterling silver (they said it's plated with something but at US$5 or so I don't believe it) with Austrian crystal or cubic zirconia (CZ rings were about US$10 each, can't remember which ones).

    I can't believe people actually noticed the album! I'm too lazy to post in on new threads, but will update my albums as soon as I get new stuff.
    WOW! The rings are awesome! Love the styles. But I like the bracelet the best. Is that white gold or silver? Very unique design.

    No worries. I think it was during the forum upgrade - my message limit was up so I only received an email saying you sent me a message but couldn't receive it. Will let you know when I'm back.
    Hi Raisondetre - I thought I had answered your earlier pm, but obviously it didn't go through, so please don't think I was avoiding it! I would love to catch up in Sydney sometime - whereabouts are you?
    Will try to take some today - very cloudy so lighting isn't the best. I'm just so keen to get a new camera (well, I don't actually *need* one) ... There were some unusual colors which I'm sure are natural - kinda greenish silver.

    Hmm, the elusive perfect pink pearl ...
    LOL If I find any good ones. I just got back from Guangzhou. Nothing gem so far, but there were some fantastic button pearls with the devil luster. I'm so looking forward to Suzhou!
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