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  • Hi ,
    tried to send a private message but your mailbox is might need to delete a few things :)
    Hope your trip went well. Let me know if you have any large size(14mmish) pearls strands pls. Thanks Katbran (Kathleen)
    She is gorgeous and vivacious, isn't she? Of course you two would hit it off -- you're terrific! :cool:
    Nerida, I was disappointed to find out you will not be able to attend the ruckus. I was hoping to meet you there. Maybe some other times.
    Hi Nerida, I hope you and yours are well. I love your new pics :)
    'Pearl Perfection' indeed! Great designs, I particularly like the multi-strand tin cup style necklace and the ribbon necklace is just gorgeous, so

    Kind regards from Kerry.
    Hi Nerida, I tried to email you through Penelope Pearls and it wouldn't go through. Not sure if this is the place to discuss pearl prices.
    Great that you are selling the bracelets well! Having them done overseas is another story regarding costs ;) ... only question for me would be quality control. You have got to have good partner.
    How did the trade fair go?

    Nice new album!
    Do the multi-row bracelets sell well? I was thinking of making some as well, but people do not want to understand that a 4-row bracelet equals ca 2-row necklace (as many pearls, same amount of work) and usually would not cost less. So we have only made multi-row bracelets when someone ordered.

    Hi Nerida, thank you for your friendship request. It was a lovely surprise in my email inbox :) I hope you've found a minute to sit down and look at 'Vogue'!
    Melbourne Cup madness is upon us and the Mornington Cup was yesterday. Here's hoping that lots of ladies will wear pearls to the Cup and to the Oaks on Thursday!
    Kind Regards from Kerry.
    Hi Nerida

    My name is Nadine and as you can see I an new to Pearl Guide. I also live in Australia. Sunny Brisbane infact and have developed a love of pearls.
    I already sell beautiful silver jewellry but I was wanting to mix this with pearls.
    After seeing what my Mother purchased recently and the quality I wanted to have a go at buying FW pearls.
    So with alot of support I am off to Shanghai on the 6th of November. You inspired me with your trip 2008 which you documented on this forum. I had some questions and I was hoping you could answer them.
    I was looking at buying around 150 strands mixing basic s with things a little different eg; the rectangle pearls in three strands you bought. Is Shanghai the best place for this type of buying? I can use an assistant who speaks the language if it is required to go else where.
    2. As you said in your post it is important to know your product. As I only have knowlege for what I have read ( I am constantly glued to the computer) what are the best questions to establish what you want? Also do you have any tips on what I should ask?
    I was going to take sample pearls with me as Jeremy Shepard mentioned this was important when trying to select pearls not in good light.
    I know this is alot of information any help and guidence or references would be appreciated as I am a liitle nervous,
    Kind Regards,
    Nadine Moore
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