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  • Hi Inge,

    I haven't seen you posting, but you've been checking in. So I know you are ok. I miss you on the forum. Happy Holidays to you and your family! Hugs.
    Hi Inge,
    I don't dare to look here too often (I am always tempted to get more pearls when looking here) but have realized that I haven't seen any posts by you lately. I hope that you are ok. Hugs L
    Hi Inge,
    I am just checking you're ok; I haven't noticed you posting lately (doesn't mean you didn't, just that I haven't remembered seeing it). I missed your birthday... so.. Happy Birthday too.
    Hi Inge,
    Happy Birthday! I wish you an extraordinary day and a wonderful year ahead filled with happiness and pearly treats.
    Hello Inge, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing my pearls, thank you for your kind comments :) Yes I do like the drop earrings, they are very easy and comfortable to wear.
    Kind regards from Kerry.
    Inge. I can't begin to tell you how much I love my exotics. Yes the Cortez pearls are out of my reach but these are beautiful. You were the first to take me under your wing and I just wanted to personally thank you.
    Pearl Angel

    Would you mind if I added you to my friend section. See Exotic thread as I followes uoir advice and read extensively about the Sea of Cortez pearls. I have been out with injuries and just got back on line. Thank you for everything.
    Hi Inge, I'm just hovering around not posting's your pearl collection? I haven't updated mine that much. Uber busy at work...Belated Happy Birthday, too...(although it's been past half a
    Belated happy birthday, Jerin! Sorry I missed wishing you earlier as I was travelling! Hope you had a great day....and are still celebrating in the tradition of b'day month! :D
    Aquarius too? and 4 days difference.....
    Many, many happy returns and many, many pearls !
    An early Happy Birthday to you. Don't forget that you're entitled to "birthday month"!
    Hi Cliclasp, Kaywal and Amrita!
    I have not been into my profile for quite some time so I did not see your messages. I am living 35 km south of J?nk?ping (J?nsch?ping), which is at the one of our larger lakes, called V?ttern. Stockholm is to the north, ca 350 km, Landskrona to the South, I don?t know how many km, but a 2? hours car drive.

    Kaywal and Amrita, thanks for the compliment on my pearls. In the profile photo I am wearing my Golden SS from PP. By now I have many more strands than the ones you saw under "Show me" - we all are pearl addicts, I am afraid. Thanks for writing....

    I have been travelling to Sweden in past years, Landskrona, Ven island, Stockholm, ;)
    where are you from?
    I was just poking around the forum, and I saw the thread that had the link to your pearl photos.
    Beautiful Beautiful collection! I bet
    you look marvelous in all those strands!
    I want to send you another photo of SSP but I couldn't attach the file. would you mind to share me your email add.

    Many thanks,

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