How to Wear Pearls


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Jun 22, 2004
We are putting together a look book for stylists in preparation for the upcoming awards, and we created a special piece. It is a 10-foot rope of round, 8.5-9 mm freshwater pearls.

Now we have the challenge of figuring out best to wear a strand of pearls this length.

The pearls can be worn around the neck and attached at the wrists.

Would you wear them in a more traditional, layered-pearl fashion?

Would you wear them in more of a chic fashion with two rows of pearls slung over one shoulder?

Comments or thoughts? How would you wear these pearls?
In your photos., the pearls look fabulous whichever way they are worn (oh, to have your model's looks.....:)).
I'm currently putting together a slightly longer rope - smaller pearls, about 6mm. - 7.5mm. - and will wear it layered, layered, layered...
Sometimes wrapped three times, sometimes four, sometimes more.
Depending on how I feel and the occasion.
I deliberately chose smaller pearls so's the rope won't feel too heavy.
I often use brooches as enhancers, too.
That is Mia in the photo - she says "Thanks!"

The photos and suggestions are going out to stylists tomorrow, and we are hoping one of them picks it for something a bit over the top. We'd love to see someone wear a strand like this at the awards. So that's kind of what we are looking for. How to wear pearls like this at a red-carpet event.
Good luck. #1 is a definitely edgy look. I hope some one picks up on it too. Do a photo with as many wraps as possible. It should look lavish.
I am a big fan of the layers being at the back... worn with an almost backless dress... would look stunning!
And I also loved Sarah's low belt look that she showed at the ruckus party. That also looked pretty amazing.
Layered down the back sounds very interesting. Would she wear it completely layered down the back, or (because it is a long pearl strand) wear it both front and back?
Jeremy - depends on whether it stays in place, I guess, and also on the front (and back) neckline of the dress. Pearls on skin are pretty amazing, so getting long layers on a bare back would look pretty sensational I think.
Just my 2 cents :)

We all know it depends on what the lady will wear. The dress must be solid so all the eyes can be on the pearls. Pearls on a backless dress are super nice on a slender model with beautiful back. However, I think there is a limitation to the length. This rope is very long. The actress will be sitting for over 2 hours at this red carpet event. All those pearls being pressed to the chair can be uncomfortable.

The first and last pose get my vote. Since there is no dinner at this event, the first pose will be ok, although she can't drink lots of water :D.
We all know these actresses like attention. They will be posing at the red carpet. Pearls in the back won't be shown unless they turn their backs for photo. I think they would rather show their faces.

Just trying to be helpful. I hope this isn't taken the wrong way.
I guess I didn't think about how they would wear it when they are sitting down, but that makes a lot of sense. In order to wear a strand of pearls this long at a sit-down event, it would have to wear comfortably while standing and sitting.
Against a solid background there could be some creative knotting done for a "floral" effect. Of course that has to be done very carefully to avoid looking like the cheap Chinese displays. Helps shorten and fix it as well, assuming it doesn't slip. I usually double layer and knot the lower loop for a 100cm rope. Looks like a rose from afar.
Jeremy, the bandolier style has caught my attention. We have an event coming up here in late September, I have just had a call from the agent of some of our Football stars, looking to outfit the WAGS for the red carpet. It is a well loved event in a Football mad city, and many of the WAGS wear backless numbers. I have long sought to bring some class to the event, and dearly hope that I can convince them that pearls will make it happen for them. I may even be able to convince Nerida to come back to help out...a good excuse for another trip away.
I second the call for wrapping as many times as you can around ones neck, or looser and letting it sling low down at the waist. I'm imaging the drama from a zillion pearls around the neck in a luxe collar.

Love the over the shoulder, too - with the right dress, that could be stunning.

A la military as improvised epaulettes across the shoulders?

What about around the waist knotted and then down and knotted at one ankle/leg? Again, has to be the right outfit and model but you could have so much fun with this.

Stacked high with a hair extension for a new approach to a crown?
Now, with wrapping around the neck you have to be careful about the weight dragging the top loop down strangling the wearer (yes, guilty), so pearl shorteners may need to be used to avoid slipping.
Double strand with a vintage pin clipping the two strands together just above chest level on one side. Taller women could carry it off...
And I'd get Mia in a gown (and pearl earrings) for the photos so they can see how the pearls highlight skin. Can you bribe a stylist's assistant to come in and play with the strand in exchange for some pearly payment?
I may be too late, but I put a basket "capture" clasp on my 100" rope, and can do some cool things with that. Here it is wrapped about 4 times with a drop line in front. You can also create a long line of pearls down the back. Sorry, I'm no Mia.


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Pick me me me! I'll be a stylists assistant! Send pearly bribes over here.
I agree with Cathy regarding the comfort of sitting down with pearls down the back... BUT what better way to grab attention if your back looks stunning?? Captures the attention sooner rather than later...
1) Fold the strand in half, tie it around the neck on the front but to the side and let it dangle with one loop slightly longer than the other.

2) For backless dress, fold the strand in half also and wrap it around the neck once or twice leaving enough length to make a knot at the back of the neck, having 2 loops of pearls hanging down. Edited: this will make the strand resting on the upper back instead of mid-back or lower back.

These options are dependent upon which neckline is chosen, as a disclaimer.
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