Here's another, but this time I honestly have no idea. Tahitian or not?

In the eBay test, many of the photos were of real Tahitian pearls. You don't get the pearls in the photo. It's a bait and switch!
In ebay dealings I generally ask if the item pictured is the same one the for sale. Still they could lie. Ebay is pretty good when something is not as described but I'm afraid you willbe out of luck trying to prove it unless you pay for an expensive appraisal & its just not feasible if the price paid is not high. A good appraisal could cost as much as the item.

I have been trying to choose wisely & from private parties with good ratings but I got a pair of 8mm white pearls in a 14K screw post setting.
The pearls wer supposed to be 8.5mm which bothered me as I have loads of 8mm. I paid $26 for it so i was no big deal. Then while I was playing with them I noticed one flew into the magnetic field of my laptop. Sure enough they clung to a magnet, It was not just the screw but the other piece. I know there is metal in clasp springs & maybe some rhodium will attract but after the pearls being off .5mm & the gold sticking to the magnet I asked to return them & he took them back. I still don;t know why they stuck to the magnet but they appeared to be genuine old screwbacks & did not think they could be fake modern repros...The pearl was real & probably worth $13 ea...


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Whoa, that's pretty obvious and shame on the seller for not verifying. Next time you get a fake, file under, "item not as described" or "fake" and you will get your money back and the seller has to pay to ship it back if they want it. I do that when I suspect the seller is a fraud so they get marks against them. However, if I think the seller is genuinely unsure, then I email them directly. Luckily, I haven't had too many cases where I had fake goods, but almost all my China "real" jewels were fake. They post pictures of real stuff and send you fake stuff. I do get some silly trinkets from China which are metal, so those don't count.
He issued a return lablel & I got a refund no ? asked. I really don;t think he knew anything & I'm stillnot sure if it could have been rhodium plated & done that. It was not 8.5mm was my biggest irk as I bought it for the pearls. It was very cheap at $26...
I don;t like to ruin a sellers rep unless I really feel they have tried to deceive.

I wonder is that a freshwater pearl? Could be the new scam to trap us who think all screw back earrings are old & hence genuine...
Pearls looked nice & still were 8mm which is not small.


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They look like freshwater pearls on modern findings to me (which is what I'd expect them to be for $26). I'd send them back given that's clearly not what you were hoping to buy. I'd leave feedback about it too.
I did send them back...ooops

It was an auction. He listed them for $29 the first time & unsold. He listed them again for $25 & got a bid & I bid higher.

I'm not sure so I never left feedback...Anyway he never said they were akoya...least I don;t remember. Anyway I was very uncomfortable with them sticking to a magnet. If they were gold they were worth $26.
Wow! Stunning pearls. I don't normally like round white pearls all that much, but those are Gorgeous!
I'm astonished at those pearls; the length, the size, and a double strand! Hisano looks absolutely lovely wearing them :)
Wow, the [pearl gods were shining upon you...

Amazing & its a long double strand...Looks wonderful on Hisano.

Curious as to what kind of clasp & possible date...see its single strand in back...very lovely.
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I'm astonished at those pearls; the length, the size, and a double strand! Hisano looks absolutely lovely wearing them :)

What Cathy said! That's the most amazing necklace of naturals. I can see why the seller thought they were cultured.

Adopt me?

But seriously, can Hisano please bring them to Ruckus and allow us to touch them?
I'd love to be able to compare them in look, feel and heft to a similar necklace of cultured pearls.
This is the best highjack -ever- for a thread ! This necklace is breath taking. I just can't believe the beauty (and quantity) of those pearls, enhanced by Hisano's beauty.
This might be too personal, but my second thought was : "I hope Caitlin had a chance to see it ...."

Anyway to tag this thread ? Or better yet create a new one (in the "natural pearl" category), along with the story which I guess must be fascinating ?

Thank you for generously sharing those photos.
Checked out the ebay naturals. They are small & cream & some yellowed. Says it has some oec & rose cut diamonds so its not really old...20's 30's...Shape seems barrelish..they say round to oval. Gia never said akoya just pinctada species. They are not rose toned & hae a bit of silver.

Who knows how high they will go but guess the price is decent now with 1 day to go but if they are like me some bidders wat til the last seconds..

Not for me though!!! So good luck to anyone interested.