Pearl ring - would you keep it? Thoughts?

Pearl paradise has a selection of high quality Burmese white south sea pearls in stock. I got my pink WSSP there. These are much less expensive to buy and you'd spend much less than the other eBay ring.
Those are beautiful! Thank you for posting those pics! I have contacted PP about replacing the pearl (eventually) and they are lovely to deal with. Once I have this setting checked out I can decide if it is worth it to keep and wear for now with a plan to replace later. Like we said earlier, I could not get a new setting like this in platinum for this price and it is in great condition. I know myself enough to realize that I would not pay big $ for a pearl ring setting. A project to replace the pearl sounds like something I could totally be excited about especially after seeing those!
Thanks to all who posted! I have decided after having the setting checked out to keep it. I love a good project and the pearl is still very pretty after wearing it around all day yesterday and today. I love the setting and it being platinum is a big deal to me. I love platinum and this is a heavy setting in excellent condition. I am sure Pearl Paradise will have some perfect beauties for me to pick from when the time comes. For now it is lovely as it is and it is a honking big pearl for me!

Mostly the reason I asked is because I don't know much about pearls at all. Thank you all again.
I thought the setting was pretty too. Glad you have reached a decision and are happy with it. I'd wear the ring a few times to see if the ding bothers you or is really obvious. You may find that once you're ok with it, you may not notice it.
I'm Back!!!!

I'm Back!!!!

I too am a platinum snob & once bought a pair of 9.3mm gold south seas or who knows what they are in plat as 5 jewelers & my extensive tests really were not conclusive...

Anyway one earring dropped & the nacre chipped so I could not return them. I will probably put a nice tahitian in them when I get a chance but was dealing with cancer & chemo so things got pushed to the side. Wore them yesterday & I just fee BLAH about them. They are not my color...

$400 & a seller said she paid $750 for them & swore they were what they were as thats what she was told & they came form a mansion with Tiffany & other hi end jeweler in a "mansion sale".

Hi ALL! Been a while since I've been here///....


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Thanks...finished chemo...then had a flu for a month so it was not a good xmas & new years but I'm still here & my hair is growing back to a grand 3/4 inch!
Well, I’m glad things seem to be looking up! Yay for the 3/4” of hair! Wishing you the best for 2018.
Glad you are through the worst of it ! and almost an inch of hair ! Excellent . 9 months ago my best friend was in the same spot 'hair wise' and now it's in a nice almost a bob. Frankly I liked the look of it at about 2 inches as it was all spiked up and cool looking. Another month or two will see a huge difference.

Wow that's a nasty chip !
My H's cousin's hair came back in curly after chemo, and it used to be straight as a stick!

Glad you're done with chemo. :)
My H's cousin's hair came back in curly after chemo, and it used to be straight as a stick!

Glad you're done with chemo. :)

LOL!!! Mine was pretty curly too & so far its really baby soft & pretty straight!!! Kind of starting to stick up a bit...Sort of like the spikes & people say it looks like someone cut it that way....LOL
It's wonderful you've finished chemo! Now through the next few months is the time to experiment with any wild colors, if you want. Personally, I would try thermal colors Like a mood ring for your head. :)
Congrats on the end of chemo! Glad to see you here again!