A Weekend spent in Paradise at The 2014 RUCKUS by 2 crazy pearl lovers

Thank you Cynde and Wendy for your fabulous report. It has been nice to re-live this wonderful weekend through your words and pictures. It was so much fun to spend the weekend surrounded by lovely people and lovely pearls, and Jeremy and Hisano were amazing hosts. I can't wait until 2015!
It was a lot of fun as always. I was talking to Douglas this morning and he reckons once a year isn't enough. LOL I believe he is right. Either way it is good to see our group getting larger. 5 years now and better every year. We missed a few who had other obligations but lets hope next year they can join in. I am sure the ruckus will keep growing. The passion for pearls is strong and we have some of the most passionate pearl lovers on the planet. Great information from farmers, vendors, suppliers and designers. I don't think there is a more knowledgeable group about pearls anywhere. If you love pearls the ruckus is the place to be. If I don't see you before then I will see you all again in 2015. I'll see if I can find an extra suitcase anywhere. ;)
Oh my goodness, what a fabulous recap and wonderful photos of the weekend event! Thank you so much Wendy and Cynde for doing this thread! I look forward to your interviews!!!

PS - SO many breathtaking pearls!!!
Thanks for the great write up, it sounds like you all had an amazing weekend. Love all of the photos, I would have loved to see all those SoC in person.
Cynde & Wendy, thank you for your excellent coverage of Ruckus 2014!! Reading your posts, and looking at the pictures, has allowed me to experience the fun all over again! And thank you to the presenters, Douglas, Josh, Blaire, Sarah, Sheri, Hisano & Jeremy, each of whom provided a unique, and most fascinating, view into the pearling industry, complete with beautiful imagery and fascinating narratives. ☺

And a very special thank you to Hisano & Jeremy for your generous and welcoming spirit in hosting such an amazing weekend for everyone. Your thoughtful planning was reflected in every aspect of the weekend activities. I really enjoyed every moment! But mostly, I really appreciated the opportunity to meet so many new friends (including the fabulous folks at Pearl Paradise) who all share a love for pearls and all things pearl-related!!!
I can't add anything that wouldn't be totally redundant, so I will simply say I am still gratefully basking in the warm pearly afterglow...not to mention excited about starting new projects!!! Thanks again for the hospitality, generosity, and hard work that went into this wonderful event!

Oh and it was so exciting to see that one of a kind Little H SoC pearl necklace on Hisano! Wow is that ever a statement piece!!! It is definitely my favorite pearl pendant/necklace ever! I adore the rainbow of gemstones around that fabulous pearl! And I am sure it was even more magnificent IRL...
What an amazing write up!

We had so much fun with everybody last weekend - what a group of pearl friends! Sorry I had to run off to Germany on Sunday but I'm already thinking about the next ruckus!
Jeremy, good to hear from you! Thank you, thank you, thank you for an incredible, exceeded-all-expectations weekend! We can hardly wait for the next one!
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This was the best ruckus ever! Thank you Jeremy and Hisano. You hit it out of the ball park this year with the setting. The hospitality was perfect, as always. Thank you.
First and foremost, my utmost THANKS to Jeremy and Hisano for the incredible opportunity to attend the Ruckus. Everything was lovely, just perfect, and so gracious! It was wonderful to meet Josh and Celeste, Douglas, Pattye, Mikeyy (I second that notion of another suitcase:), Sarah and Mounir, and all the pearl lovers; what a wonderful group of people so willing to share their knowledge!!! Lastly, a special round of applause for Wendy and Cynde who worked so hard to share this experience with everyone ... I have no words adequate to express my THANK YOU!
thank you so much Wendy and Cynde for the lovely pictures and wonderful travel write up. It really helped me feel like I was there. Hope I can make it next year!!
Cynde & Wendy thanks for taking the time and effort to create this post taking us on a pearl Ruckus to remember! Thanks to the attendees for allowing us peaks into your incredible pearl collections and to the presenters for sharing their love of pearls with more people than were there. And I sincerely want to thank Hisano & Jeremy for hosting these events!!! I hope to attend in the future!
Hisano, I'm loving your new designs the souffl? and sapphire are divine… mini geodes! Cynde and Wendy thank you for taking me with you to the Ruckus by this post. Now, how do I get invited?
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Thank you for attending our 2014 Ruckus! It was great seeing many custom pieces I created over the few years on lovely owners. Douglas and Josh, your pearls are beautiful and I hope to create more jewelry with your babies:) We enjoyed having you all and hope to have more members next time.
Douglas selling Sea of Cortez pearls and mabe Saturday afternoon.
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