Lapis and pearl re-work project


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Jul 4, 2015
I have a very neglected lapis strand with huge 16mm beads that I want to re-work into something I will actually wear.

Because the beads are so large it makes the necklace too short for me to wear comfortably, so I'm looking for ways to lengthen it - probably using gold spacer beads. And of course I also want to incorporate pearls somehow.

I have a few inspiration pictures from etsy that incorporate either a toggle clasp or big spring ring clasp at the front that has a large baroque pearl hanging from it. This is unlike anything else I have so I think I am gravitating towards this style.


I'm thinking of doing 4mm spacer beads. If I do one between each bead it would add around 10cm to the necklace and it would end up being around 20 inches not including the dangling pearl. Since these are so large though it will probably look a lot shorter than that on my neck though.

Anyway, I'm mostly posting all this as a way to keep myself accountable on this project. I have either started or gotten halfway through 5 or 6 projects in the last two years and ended up just abandoning them before they were done. I'd like to stop doing that.

My hope is that maybe someone else can benefit from me posting this and get out of their own abandonment issues (of projects, that is!) in addition to helping me get out of mine.
You should finish it lary007! Just think of how much fun you’ll have wearing it. I’ve been seeing lots of big baroque white freshwater pearls used as pendants and pendant charms.
Lary007, in case you need a little inspiration. This is my mom's lapis rope. The gold beads are original, but I swapped out the small, poor quality akoyas for larger Freshadamas from PP, and I think the necklace looks so much better. I also added the orbit clasp, because I suck at stringing continuous strands. I got a nice thick, cobalt blue Serafil from Pattye for the knots.

Bweaves - that strand you reworked was actually the original inspiration for me reworking mine. If i can remember I'm going to take a picture of it when I get home. Your lapis is of much better quality I think.

And jeg - an enhancer is a great idea!

I decided to include the shot with my son's hand and part of the roku remote to help with gauging the size. You can also probably tell they reeeally need restrung even with the terrible lighting.
Heavy beads pull at a thread so much, even heavy weight wonder they are pulling apart in that one place. You might consider some silicone coated wire and crimp beads at the clasp to give it more strength. You can usually find an accent bed with a big enough hole to slide over the crimp bead to make it look more polished. Also make sure that your beads, especially if they are going to be 14KY gold, are HEAVY, or those stone Lapis beads could crush any lighter-weight beads. I've had that happen when using thin beads with heavier stone.
An aside...
I have a couple of necklaces with big pearls or stone beads like this and my children call them my "Wilma Flintstone" pearls. Hahaha. These fit that category!
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