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  • Haven't been a 'visitor' to my own profile! Thanks belatedly re the avatars. Will experiment with the image rotation.
    I see, that would explain it. ;) I feel bad that so many people don't get it. And yes, I did see all the videos he made of the mean little kitty, even played the game. lol
    Hi Blaire,

    I loved the cat link, so cute. The art section was funny, but I loved the cat yodeling. lol Most of my friends/family back in the States didn't understand why the sushi video was funny, while my husband and I had tears rolling down our faces. So much was culturally based. I hope it made you chuckle. ;)
    That's a really nice profile picture, GemGeek! And I love the idea of having Octavia "all over the place" on your page! :)
    Hi, I'm still not used to this new format... Ididn't know till now that you asked me about my avatar. No, Ican't take credit for the photo. It's the cropped picture of my new bracalet from PP. Kirsten sent me photo of finished product and since it's mine, I did not feel bad to manipulate the photo little bit and to use it as my avatar. Since then I got the bracelet ( actually 2 of them) abut I still did not take my picture of it. I don't think anyway I can do better than PP's photo Masters !! :)
    Do I get two friends for the price of one (You and Octavia) or should Octavia have her own membership?
    Why? What has happened? Haven't had any time to visit lately...please, don't tell me it is now all about how pearls should be just like little clones: all alike, all the same, with lower quality!!! Argh!
    Dear Blaire:
    It's nice to hear from you. I wanted to respond to your query but as usual am a total 'geek', oops sorry, when using the computer. Always takes me a while to do anything new. Since overtures of friendship are always to be desired this seemed the best way to answer. Hope your day is going well. Give my best to Octavia please. And hope your Mom's well also.
    Your friend,
    Blaire I love your profile page!! How long did it take you to organize??

    Hope you are happy, Octavia that I now have my avatar... now for some albums and a nice page!

    Oh! Thanks for giving me the link to the cutest thread I have so far seen on PG! Octavia is so cool and so is the Queen of Pearls that she holds in her mouth! What a good job you have done with the pictures! Fantastic!
    Hey Thank You! ;) I love the piece myself- wearing two at a time at different lengths looks funky!
    Hi Blaire,
    Thanks for thinking of me - I'm tickled. Perhaps we'll meet again at Tucson or some other show.
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