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  • You have a spectacular pearl collection, and with so much variety too! Great photos in your album! Wear them all in good health! :)
    Oh my gosh, you have some beautiful pearls! Thank you for sharing your album as well as your pearl sources.
    Thanks for visiting my album. To answer your question about peacock drops - no miracle in taking photo. Those pearls are very "peacocky". Natural light / decent camera on manual setting and photo is showing what your eyes see.....
    What? We missed you in Tucson? Next time, for sure, we will all meet! Heavens, I had no idea that the profile page counts visitors. It's probably just me looking at my kitty photos! ;)
    Thank you for your message, Spaceneedle, much appreciated.
    I love your album - those Kasumis and the Tahitians...... just beautiful !
    Girlfriend, I am soooo jealous of those earrings! Great for you, and wear them in good health. ;)
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