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  • You're welcome. Ahhh, I WISH that it was in my family. No, just an image I was drawn to for so many reasons.
    Carol, did you see the big photo of the pin in the natural pearl forum? Let me know if you can't find it, because it's "to-die-for"! ;)

    So sorry my delay, I'm just not in the habit of checking for messages here. Thanks for the compliment. As Blaire noted, I'm occasionally rotating avatars between the two pieces that have most defined my presence at Pearl-Guide. I believe you are commenting on the natural pearl pin (paua and poe pipi), my pearl acquisition and subsequent execution reported in the 'Natural Combinations' thread under Natural Pearls. The alternate avatar is 'Te Poe O Te Kuki Airani', the subject of my very first post here, a toursade of 1700 natural pipi pearls from the Cook Islands, also the subject of a thread, 'Pinctada Maculata', also under Natural Pearls!
    It's real? It's simply too beautiful to be real. It looks like a fantasy! Love it! ;)
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