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  • Hi Salem

    Happy Birthday and Many More! Have a wonderful Birthday Weekend!!
    Jen - just wanted to say I enjoy seeing the pictures of your beautiful baby boy - he has such a sweet and lovely smile!
    Had sushi yesterday and thought of you! Enjoy your little Danny and post some photos to your profile gallery. ;)
    Hi, I haven't met you yet, but I wanted to congratulate you on Danny's arrival. He's gorgeous. Take the time to enjoy him. They grow up so fast. It seems like yesterday that Nathan was that size! All the best to you.
    Say, I've been keeping up with your blog and it sounds like you're getting awfully close to production time! The long wait will soon have a big reward. ;)
    GAME??? Oh-oh! Like I need anything else to waste my time on. ;)

    Take good care of yourself.
    I should explain that I grew up eating sashimi way before it was hip and we all took Japanese in college. Of course, I only remember food words...;)
    Congratulations on your birthday. Hope you get a "pearly" present!

    A very cute avatar. Octavia says she promises not to nibble your baby (Because he might be too sweet for her not to take a bite!). She's working on her lullabyes instead!
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