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  • Hi Blaire,
    Thank you for adding me to your friends' list. Now I have a friend who loves Hanalei too.
    Lol, thanks! I didn't have any good pearly pics to post, and the bears are special. Love the cats.
    Love your avatar. I hope your mom is getting better. I need to learn more about all these new features on Pearl-Guide! :)
    lol, no kidding, Hmm, if only I could get a picture of Octavia biting my little pearl, but he is still nestled in my belly. :)
    Hi Blaire - I feel quite privileged to be invited to be your friend! I promise to get an avatar up soon, so at least I won't just look like a big blobby question mark. Trust you've had some rest,
    Thanks for adding me to your friends! Hope your mum is doing fine now.
    Yay! I'm glad Octavia loves the photo. It's one of my own creations. :) Thanks for passing along the good vibes!
    When you click on Profile, the command list on the left has a pictures and albums selection. You can probably figure it out from there.

    My avatar is Octavia Oyster. I got her about 25 years ago, so I think she may be the only one. She's visiting her auntie Nerida in Australia right now! ;)
    No, I did not know about orange cats being usually boys. I had a light orange boy hamster, when a child. He was very productive with the black fur girl hamster, making a lot of black babies :) :)
    I do know little about the cats, I have only had hamsters and a dog. After she passed I just could not take a new dog.
    Octavia is all grown up then. Good for her going out to see the world :)
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