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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

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  • Annie, I am a big fan of the tinies! Definitely a versatile piece

    Red, that is a beautiful Tahitian strand! Glad you’re feeling better.

    Lisa, lovely “bracelet” I’ve made a couple of necklaces about 21” just so I can also wear them wrapped on my wrist.

    jeg, your Kojimas are really fun and beautiful too!


    • Ooh, Lisa!!!


      • CBPearllover : My blue akoya rope is dark blue. It's the darkest blue I've ever seen.

        Annie: I've been eyeing the 3mm pearl chains at Kojima, and now you're making me want one, too.

        LisaC: You look like Marlene Dietrich on the Black Pearl Dude's Vintage Pearls thread. There's a photo of her with a gauntlet of pearls, and I was drooling over it.

        Click image for larger version

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        • Thanks, Sunseeker!

          Very fun, Lisa! Now that’s what I call a good distraction. Your eyes will automatically be drawn to your wrist when wearing that.


          • Originally posted by lisa c View Post
            [ATTACH]63841[/ATTACH]Here are my impulses fulfilled - I received a beautiful 100" silvery white rope and I'm moved by its beauty. The pearls are well matched in color, the luster is lovely and the surface of each pearl is smooth and clean. The knotting is uniform and professional. I wish I'd bought 2, one for each wrist.

            PoJ 100" endless rope w 8mm accent pearls, silver white AA+ pearls.
            AAARRRRMMM PARTIES!!!!!!!!!! WWHHEHEEEEE Love them Lisa!!!


            • That blue rope is just stunning, BWeaves! The luster!


              • Originally posted by CBPearllover View Post
                Annie, you're really making me want to buy up some strands of 3mm pearls and make a rope! I've seen some vendors carrying them, but I always though of them as filler pearls to go in a larger piece. I'm learning from you all, tiny pearls rock
                Red, those are huge tahitians! It's cool to think of all the photoshoots those were in, who knows what celebrities wore them? If pearls could talk.
                Jeg, you have the most beautiful necklaces. Those Kojima strands are true gifts from the ocean.
                I'm making a 4-strand torsade of tiny round peach FWs with a stunning 13mm Edison enhancer for my MIL for Christmas. I'm learning that even though stringing the tinies are a pain, they make for a really pretty piece!


                • I pulled out my round blue-body Rikitea strand from PP to wear while running errands today. They go perfectly with my navy blue t-shirt. The purple rimmed Tahitian studs are a second pair selected in person while at PP during the 2017 ruckus.

                  Click image for larger version

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                  • OOO, nice Red!!!!


                    • Lisa c, that POJ rope is smashing! Really love it on your wrist. Color is great with your skin tone and that shade of blue, too.

                      Wow, Red, that Rikitea strand is so colorful! Enjoy your Ts in the best of health.


                      • Those Rikitea strands never get old! Never, never, never ! What a treat to see them.

                        I love the teeny pearls, too, so many great looks and ideas to indulge in!

                        (Marlene, her age I might obtain, but to be that glamorous! a goal that will remain)

                        Thanks for the kind remarks, you guys, the thing is, they really are putting me beyond words...although parties do sound pretty good now. I love the North, but the days are so short this time of year,

                        Arm parties, Lionel Ritchie, Fiesta, Forever,
                        All night long...
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                        • TNT strand from Ocean's Cove and La Perlagrina from Kamoka. Opal and T drop earrings from Kojima.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	fullsizeoutput_9f2.jpg
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                          Rose gold SoC ring with tricolor gold bracelets. Mom's opal ring on the other hand, to go with the earrings.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	fullsizeoutput_9f3.jpg
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                          • Red - both those Tahitian strands are wonderful ! Those big ones pack a punch - that lustre and colour !!( and size !! ) And the Riki are beautiful ! They are the most glorious colours !

                            LisaC - What a great rope and so many possibilities with that length !!

                            jeg - I love Hawaii ! You lucky duck !! You chose the most perfect pearls - I truly love both pieces !

                            annie - that rope of tiny pearls is a wonderful substitute for a chain ! I was just looking at the photos of BN's strand !

                            BWeaves - ( I love those bracelets!) And of course those earrings are a favourite of mine - rope looks wonderful with just the simple chain pendant !


                            • Lisa, what a gorgeous arm party you're having!!

                              Annie, I love that little mm pearl necklace! Makes me want one!

                              Red, that Rikitea strand is amazing!!! I never get tired of seeing it!! Such gorgeous color & luster!

                              BW, I love TNT & how well she goes with so many of the strands you have. So much depth of color! It truly is a spectacular necklace & is a perfect accompaniment for La Perlagrina & your SOC ring! That ring is a beauty!


                              • BWeaves, lately all the combos you show are so pleasing to the eye and you are really becoming the experienced layerer! ( is that a word?)