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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Traveling Pearl
Looking forward to seeing your projects 86C! Hope you find some pearls you can use. That’s the nice thing about earrings- they take way fewer pearls! The gem shows have been getting a lot smaller. The number of vendors decreased a lot during the recession. I can only imagine what it will be like when we ever get out of this pandemic.

Two Kojima strands- the Seaglass Tahitian strand, and an ombré Tahitian and SS strand. Worn with earrings I made of Tahitian pearls, golden SS keshi and vintage Biwa pearls.



Active member
I love your SeaGlass strand, JEG. I dithered way too long on that one. I really liked it. Still do.

Very hot and rainy today. The Goddess and mismatched Tahitian studs from Kamoka. These are not my B & W studs. These are lavender and peacock, although I'm not sure if the colors show up in my photos.



Parrot Lady

New member
I have so much to catch up on in this group. I’ve been distracted by coronavirus tracking and politics and haven’t done much of anything with pearls. I had to laugh at 86C being on Ban Island, I’ve been there, too. When I had to cancel all of my reservations to Paris, I thought, okay, I’ll buy a new necklace but within days my heat/air system went out and had to be replaced. A few weeks ago I finally bought one of Li Pearls pretty strands. The deep purple isn’t for me but I love this lavender/purple/gold strand. Sorry I don’t know how to turn it right side up.


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Oh, parrotlady, that’s a beautiful strand! Those colours are wonderful.
Jeg, the sea-glass strand is just so lovely, and I’m loving all your cute dangly earrings.
Bweaves, I really like mismatched earrings. Those look great.
I’m in my own mismatched earrings today - little black and white Tahitian keshi. Plus an old freshwater pendant that I see from the photos needs a polish, plus a vintage Akoya strand that had quite a few damaged pearls, so I lengthened with little ruby beads.

On the topic of supplies, I’ve just received some pretty silvery white keshi from a Chinese vendor. I bought them with the intention of mixing them in with a light baroque Tahitian strand I don’t wear much to make a rope. I’m very pleased with the keshi, but now I cannot find the Tahitian strand anywhere - I had it out to compare colours with the keshi yesterday, and now it is quite gone. Hopefully it will turn up again, but in the meantime, maybe I’ll string up the keshi to wear by themselves.


New member
Very nice earrings lica c.
Jeg, those two strands are among my favorites as well. I know I said the exact thing recently, but the seaglass strand and the ombre tahitian and south sea strand are special for sure.
Bweaves, the goddess looks stunning on you.
Very nice strand Parrot Lady. It looks metallic.
SydK, gorgeous pearls. I hope you find those tahitians soon. I recently lost my small akoya keshistrand, I found it a week later where it should be. I looked everywhere. Maybe kitten borrowed it.

lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
You guys look fabulous! I love your pearl and clothing wardrobes. PG is such a refreshingly lovely space.


Traveling Pearl
Oooo boy, can’t keep up. Thanks so much everyone!

BWeaves, the Kamoka’s are perfect! I love all their pearls.:p

ParrotLady, the colors of your freshwaters are wonderful! I really like that clasp resting near the shoulder, too.

SydK, what a great way to repurpose your Akoyas. It modernizes it, too- double bonus! Mmmm, keshi dangles... love!


Active member
WOW, ladies!!! Such great looks!!
Jeg, I love your Kamoka strands, especially the Sea Glass. I had been looking at that one myself so I'm glad she found a home with you so I can still see it from time to time.

BW, the Goddess definitely suits you! Great choice for the hot weather we're having!

Parrot Lady, I love the colors & sheen of your new pearls! Now we need some mod shots!

SydK, Love the new luck & idea of lengthening an old strand with ruby rondels! It looks amazing with the dangle pendants!!

It's so hot & humid today but I was determined to wear pearls while out running errands. Wearing my white Soufflé necklace, Autore WSS earrings & ring, Amethyst & pearl button bracelet, same with Peridot, & a gemstone bangle that I've had for 40 yrs that I recently rediscovered. Please ignore the bandage on my hand. It's one of 2 places my dermatologist cut off to biopsy. I'm pretty sure this one on my hand will require surgery. Just waiting to hear the results of the biopsies.


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Parrot Lady

New member
SydK love your restrung akoyas with the ruby spacer beads. I’ve been in a ruby phase myself recently.

86C I’ve never seen bracelets like those. What a smart buy 40 years ago! Good luck with the biopsy. I’m paying the price now for my suntanning youth. I haven’t been out in the sun for 30 years but the damage was already done.


Active member
Thanks, SydK & Parrot Lady. Yes, I'm paying now for growing up in the sun. In my day, we didn't know what sunscreen was. I don't get out in it anymore but, like you, the damage was done in my youth. I've had several MOS (not sure if that's spelled right) to remove precancerous spots. My dermatologist froze off about 8 spots before they could turn into anything along with doing the biopsies. I hope to hear from the Dr this week. I recently found the gemstone bracelets; I have 3, amethyst, blue topaz, peridot. I found the bangle bracelet today. It's a little snug on the wrist now & not very comfortable but I still like it.

SydK, I love your circle & stripes look!


Active member
SydK, that akoya strand with little rubies is VERY pretty! Well done :)

Jeg, SeaGlass is in my top 5 favorite strands of all time; love to see it again!!!

BWeaves, that shark tooth pendant has such personality; I've never liked shark tooth items; that one is wonderful.

Parrot Lady, I like the colors on your new freshwater necklace. Like you I prefer these colors; the gold highlights are really lovely. Let's see it right side up!

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New member
Gorgeous bracelets 86Corvettegirl. I hope that your biopsi goes well. I am thankful that I always avoided the sun, even though it was very popular in the 80:s when I was a teenager. I get heatstroke easily and itch rashes from sun and heat. It must be from living in a cold rainy climate. Mostly I have a bluish kind of pale complexion, not-husband says corpses might have better color than me.
SydK, that’s a pretty circled strand. Circles often have so many colors in them, I have some circled tahitians that has the most pretty spring green or intense aqua colors in them. I never see those colors in round pearls.

eolian pearls

Active member
What a wonderful treat for eyes this page is!!!

Jeg, I am in the club of your Seaglass fans, I adore that strand and your ombre as well! They go incredibly well together, and your earrings are just lovely...all your creations...
BWeaves, the Goddess looks so happy on your neck! Love it!
86C that is one deluxe bracelet party you have going on! Hoping you’ll get good news from your Dr.
Parrot Lady what a lovely levander strand! Very nice colors and shapes, looks very versatile...
SydK I love your reinvented akoyas! Now I need some ruby beads...

I have a bracelet to share from Li made from a half-strand that has recently arrived, I am very happy with the colors, will be my summer bracelet of 2020 :) Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday!



Traveling Pearl
You have super pearl powers 86C, to forego comfort and your heat to bling out in pearls! I hope your hand doesn’t require more than a band-aid. :eek:

SydK, the circles and stripes work perfectly together!

Eolian, I love the soft, rolling pinks and greens in your bracelet! It’s dreamy...:p

I just finished this necklace from a collection of random Myanmar pearls and keshi. I used little gemstone spacers that were from a little treasure box of gems sent to me from dear CathyKeshi. Thank you, Cathy!!:eek:

Necklace and earrings made of Myanmar pearls and keshi, and gemstone beads.
View attachment 54515899 1989897071132276 2397893864993062912 n

View attachment 54230796 636208396826534 1529312385225981952 n

Worn again with lengths of tiny Akoya pearls/keshi and earrings of golden SS keshi, white Myanmar keshi, and golden SS pearls.
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New member
What a wonderful summer bracelet eolian pearls.
You have been creative Jeg, beautiful creations. It's funny that I just opened pearl guide and you have made a pearl and gemstone necklace. I made one myself today. I have been thinking about it for a week but didn't have the time to finish it. In different colors, mine is made out of neon blue apatites and baroque tahitians.


Active member
OH WOW! So many pearls since I posted yesterday. I love them all. The ones you ladies have designed and strung yourselves are my favorites.


Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much Charlotta, lisa c, BWeaves, and Marianne! Charlotta, I’m thinking about making one out of Tahitians myself. I might rework the last strand I bought in Hawaii with, I think, are Iolite beads. It has a beautiful single off-set pearl, but the weight of it keeps shifting it to the center.

Keeping it simple and light with a freshwater tin cup and seashell earrings. The seashells are from the Marshall Islands and are the brightest white seashells I have ever seen. Not sure what species, but the lip is thick and shiny like a type of cowrie.