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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

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  • Great Tahitians, Jeg.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's passing.


    • MoonDrops those kamokas are gorgeous. They look great on you and great together as well.


      • 86C, eolian, Cathy, Charlotta, jeg, moondrops, Bweaves thank you for your sweet comments, and the more important Joy you guys bring here with photos, and stories and loving kindness.

        i must say, we’re seeing some really gorgeous stuff! Moon drops, what a score with the kamoka necklace...
        thank you all for the pleasure.


        • Thanks so much everyone, for the very kind thoughts and comments. It’s a strange transition to lose your parents, and then to become the elders yourself.

          Eolian, that is one dreamy little piece of paradise! It’s no wonder why you enjoy spring and summer so much.

          MoonDrops, beautiful Kamoka’s! I think that is a strand I was eying. I do have a weakness for silvery white Tahitians.

          Golden SS strand from POJ, worn with gemstone and golden SS Myanmar pearls and keshi earrings and necklace I made.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	6F49CE65-7102-4FCA-B6BA-00C20E0CAED6.jpeg
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Name:	9ADAFC4C-6407-4AD4-BCD2-710EA10A2802.jpeg
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          • Originally posted by lisa c View Post
            Ah jeg, I’m so sorry. Losing your Mom...it’s so hard, and now this.

            A HS friend told me a few years back when she lost her Mom “I’m devastated, but I tell myself, other people have survived it. I guess I will.” That kept me going when Dad died, then Mom, But... Cold Comfort, you know?

            We love you; apparently a lot of us are floating in this generational boat, losing our parents. I’m thankful for all of us on PG, the love.
            Yes, we seem to be on this "boat" together. Wise words Lisa C...and thank heavens for this haven. We might not be close -physically- but we are sailing together in a way
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            Your Life evolves in the same way a Pearl grows: with continuous layers of experiences/nacre that add to the Story of your Life on Earth and make you Unique and Beautiful.
            Douglas McLaurin-Moreno


            • White Tahitians and golden SS pearls. More types of pearls I'm lusting after now. At least I can enjoy them vicariously. Thanks, Moondrops and JEG.

              I've been wearing my 2019 ALL-JOSH Harvest necklace and B&W studs from Kamoka the last few days. This necklace is so special, since I know Josh and he cultured all these pearls himself. It's just amazing to me to really know where these particular pearls came from.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_9884.jpeg
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              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_9881.jpeg
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              • Your golden south sea pearls are spectacular jeg .
                That is one of my favorites of your strands BWeaves .


                • Click image for larger version

Name:	94BF0FF4-071F-4BAD-B988-B49B712F4889.png
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Size:	1.70 MB
ID:	453572 BWeaves I love your harvest strand!

                  Today is my more casual and common paring for my green Kamoka keshi studs. A large, very baroque FW pendant and a pottery seascape pendant, both from an arts festival. Standard mermaid vibes


                  • jeg lovely goldens and thanks! I think that necklace was called Baroque Symphony Strand, if that rings a bell.


                    • MoonDrops, your Kamoka pearls are gorgeous!! You wear them well. I love your mermaid vibes for today!

                      Jeg, your Goldens are stunning. In fact, your entire Golden collection is spectacular!

                      BW, your All Josh Kamoka necklace is fabulous! I love the colors!

                      It's hot today so I'm keeping it casual & light. WSS earrings & tin cup necklace all from David Norman.


                      • Gorgeous combinations MoonDrops and 86Corvettegirl.


                        • Thank you BWeaves, Charlotta, MoonDrops, and 86C!

                          That All Josh strand is a favorite of mine, BWeaves!

                          ”Mermaid vibes” I love it, MoonDrops!

                          That tin cup looks like light, cool, comfort, 86C!

                          Rikitea pearls from Cees, matinee length Tahitians from CMW, random keshi necklace and jade slice earrings. A bit of piling on...
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	72091861-29FF-4327-8B3A-18288F69A061.jpeg
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Name:	335DC7E8-08EA-43BB-AF35-1E4C6DFA2943.jpeg
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                          • Oooh, pretty.

                            I'm stuck on the same as the last few days. B&W studs and the 2019 All-Josh Harvest strand from Kamoka. Tahitian matinee strand from Kojima which I got this year. It's got a bit of an ombre' thang going on. Both strands have mismatched sizes of the pearls, so they complement each other.

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_9895.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	350.9 KB ID:	453592
                            Last edited by BWeaves; 05-23-2021, 02:58 PM.


                            • Love that "All Josh" strand BWeaves ... such a special treasure Jeg, a nice twist to put the biggest pearls at your throat and work downward in length and size; so beautiful!



                              • Beautiful tahitians jeg and BWeaves. Do you have any more photos of that longer kojima strand BWeaves? I love to see the ombre effect better. Since I ombre everything...