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  • I talked to Merle Koblenz about giving a talk at the Manhattan GIA Alumni club, but it will be a while before I can get there. Thanks for asking! ;)
    Hi Gail, Thanks for the tips about NYC. Except for a couple of ground floor commercial sites, I pretty much didn't get past Eliko where both Cynthia and Marin were awesome and Gemorex, where Marin sent me and which was also great. Do you have a jewelry business there are is it a sideline? Next time I'm in NYC let me treat you to a cup of coffee or something!
    Hi Sheryl,
    You are very welcome. It was truly my pleasure to help you in anyway possible, and..... I would love to meet you for coffee the next time you are in
    Yes, I do work next door to the place I recommended you go to. I'm a goldsmith and I rent bench space there. About 10 people (all self employed metalsmiths) co-op that room. I work in 22k and hand fabricate classical jewelry. It's not a sideline, I work at it full time.
    By the way, the pearls you bought are simply beautiful. I just love going to that place.
    Hope to meet you in NYC sometime soon but Hawaii would certainly be nicer!
    Hi Gail,
    Thanks for adding me to your friends list. I must learn to navigate around all the new stuff on the site. I feel like a fossil. :) Hope all is well with you in NYC. Love your city!
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