Xmas Idea 2008

Those bodices on the wench wear page, have bones in them so they really make one look wenchy. I want one.........think it will help an old wench look young again?

Off topic apology in advance :)

I swear by corsets, the proper ones with steel bones etc...

They are a pain to wear, no joke, however, they instantly give me a waist that no diet or exercise can produce :D

Vollers is a trusted brand.

Sheri (la corsetiere).... makes some stunning pieces..
Oh hey, Swarovski's got nothin' on this watch!

I thought the Chopard "everything but the kitchen sink" watch from last year's Xmas Idea 2007 was the ultimate in crass mega-bling. But noooo, someone had to out-do it with some new crass mega-bling in natural leaf form(yeah, real natural). And that someone is Jaeger-LeCoultre! There is also a necklace, bracelet, ring and a pair of earrings to match. That's a whopping total of 14,000 gemstones!!

The watch is only $4.3 million. Like the Chopard "kitchen sink" watch, it is in desperate need of some pearls.

The good thing about this watch is that if you wore it to a party, nobody would even suspect it isn't a Swarovski creation---unless you are planning to wear it to the Dubai pearl festivities. Then, it might not be showy enough.



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That cuff does not do anything for me, perhaps the colour combo is not something I would go for.

Change it to ruby or pink sapphire flowers in white gold, then we are talking :D

Off topic apology in advance :)
I swear by corsets, the proper ones with steel bones etc...

It's true, and it's nice to get the support burden off the shoulders every now and then. They're great for posture, too.
If you are going to Dubai, here is the perfect set of pearls to wear with the watch


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If you are going to Dubai, here is the perfect set of pearls to wear with the watch

Sadly(hahahahahah NOT), The Big Bling Bling was sold at auction to some joint owners who almost immediately had it disassembled. The world will be a better place for it.

Also, Caitlin, you can't wear one piece of bling with green stones(the watch) and another with blue stones(the other gawd-awful crap) at the same time! That's in bad taste and just too gaudy...

Bad taste and too gaudy!!!! Who cares ? This is about bad taste and gaudiness.

Yeah I remember a group of jewelers bought da big bling bling and divided it up, but it could be knocked off in green to enhance the watch.
What's this? A felt snowwoman Xmas decoration sporting pearls? Can it be anything else? Does your Aunty Dolly have a carrot nose? and an evil smile?

Looks like "Leeta Leghorn--The Mad Christmas Chicken!" :D
If you are going to Dubai, here is the perfect set of pearls to wear with the watch

hello Caitlin
Isn't it the Regente in center of your picture?
The hard part is keeping it centered over your pasties.

:eek: Weee!!! Hahahahaha!!!

. . .

How does a designer say, "FA Q"? Answer, below:

You know, it occurred to me out of the blue that that gold Christmas tree was badly designed on purpose. It's not Fontainebleau; it's not Hollywood; it's not Vegas; it's not even Lon Guyland. It's not big enough, gaudy enough, or even tasteless enough ... for anything.

I'll bet some egotistical executive rudely, at the last minute, forced the design job for this "fabulous" tree on some overworked artist who, as a result, couldn't attend a recently deceased relative's funeral (or some Anime premiere). And, the artist simply provided an appropriate response

My other thought is that that tree might be the "genius" creation of some egotistical executive's "artistically gifted" child ... :D
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Sheri (la corsetiere).... makes some stunning pieces.

Anything with pearls on it?

Isn't it the Regente in center of your picture?
Hi Cliclasp
I am sure that that is La Regente. The whole piece is a collection of "important" pearls and jewels. That big round pearl or or maybe mabe, has a name too, as do some of the groups of sapphires. The swag may have been one from a famous pearl jeweler from the 18th or 19th century too. I forget his name, though.
I love this thread. The best of the worst!

One of my favorite "best of the worst" activities is ragging on etsy products with other craft-inclined friends. I'd never, ever do it to someone's face and I don't in any way discount the artists's ability to create beautiful stuff, but there are some hilariously cautionary wares on that site.

It would make for a fun "other stuff" thread on a slow pearl day... that way non members wouldn't see us snarking about oil barrel cozies and such. :D

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