Xmas idea 2007

Caitlin, whatever it was, that thing on top of the stickpin looked very interesting and it really did not go for very much considering Costume Pearl Poodle is $72. Costume Pearl Poodle would be a good stocking stuffer for someone who wears a lot of clothes with lapels. Costume Pearl Poodle looks pretty snooty with his nose in the air, as if saying, "Hah, bet you don't have any outfits worthy of me!".


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M-e-o-w. Check out the very very fine 18K work the metalsmith did on the whiskers(not to mention the rest of the cast cat)!! But oddly, that is the most attractive part of this feline. Damn those ridiculous out of proportion whiskers with blobs on the tips! They will haunt me in my dreams tonight. Only $630. The pearl looks a little anemic though.



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Hi All,

If you take a peek at the abalone pearls on Jeremy's website you will see the kinds of "seams" and irregularities one has to work around with those pearls. The one I bought last year has a gold band all around the middle, which then attaches to the bail: it covers most of the side seams.abalone%20pendant%202.jpg

Frequently the size and shape of abalone pearl is difficult to work into a piece of jewelry. However, we got to see how beautifully the designer worked Steve's piece with abalone and pipi's, and the Naturals on Jeremy's site are beautifully done also.

so many pearls, so little time
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Oh Pattye, what a beauty! Thanks for posting your pendant. :)
Two words. Auction sniper.

Yeah I am the sniper that lost :( . For about 5 minutes I thought I was going to get an abalone pearl for less than $1,000 dollars. :eek:

Think I'll go back and get that $13 reindeer..........and eat my humble pie.....

The poodle looks just like the miniture poodle that just won a huge dog show in Houston televised on Animal Planet a couple weeks ago. The judge just couldn't stop raving about her perfection.........

The cat looks like it melted.......
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I just went and looked at Jeremy's abalone pearls. Here is one I really love- except for the diamonds........
Now if he'll just put it on eBay so I can snipe it.......

Natural Abalone Pearl Diamond Ring NAR-000-408

PEARL TYPE : Natural Abalone Pearl
GOLD:18kt White Gold
RING SIZE: 6.5 (Please call us if you need to resize your ring)
* Item is non-refundable if ring is resized
Are you gals sure.... The crack on the edge looks more like an assembly seam then abalone pearl edge the more I look at it.

Hi Ana,
Should come across one that is assembled as you say- would you post it here?
Caitlin Williams said:
Hi Ana,
Should come across one that is assembled as you say- would you post it here?

If I do... I will.

Now, I had something else in mind writing that post... that the items might be some artificial material.
Don't know what to say about this one. Really. I am at a loss for words. 2570 US dollars worth of Baroque Pearl Goose. Is it cute? Is it awful? I dunno. Would anyone want it for Xmas? I dunno. Could you keep a straight face if you opened your Xmas present and hubby got you this? I dunno. Does it help that it was made in Italy? No? Howz about the cool shoes the goose is wearing? Unlike the Wild Whiskered Kitty's anemic pearl, this baroque looks like it's got some orient. Good orient.



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It's one of those things that make you smile if someone else is wearing it.;) Personally, I'd take the money and get Hanadamas!
Caitlin Williams said:
The cat looks like it melted.......

Oh good, you think so too!! I thought I was imagining that. After staring(like an idiot) at that unbelievable Chopard watch for a good five minutes, I thought my eyesight was playing tricks on me, or I had gone a little blind.

GemGeek said:
It's one of those things that make you smile if someone else is wearing it.;)

Yes but "why" would it make you laugh?

At first, it made me think of Mother Goose. But then I rewound my mind's hard drive and I don't remember Mother Goose being so dressy. I pictured her in an apron and bonnet, at most. So it makes me wonder if this goose is maybe a male instead. The pin was made in the 50's but if it was made today it could possibly be called The Pimped-Out Gander(on the street, of course). Reminds me of something Kramer once wore in an episode of Seinfeld.

I still like the pearl.

Hey, what about one of these? It's one of those interesting items that look lousy and cheap, but is actually expensive($270 and gold filled). Fool all your friends. When they wrinkle their noses and ask, "Where did you get THAT thing?" You can have the last laugh and haughtily say "Bar Harbour". And it would be true too.



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OMG, I dare anyone to find anything to beat this brooch in cuteness! Pirate cuteness! Hardy harr harr. Now this is what I call a 60's wirework masterpiece. An 18K cartoon pirate with a big pearl head, heehee. The only thing missing is the parrot. I want one! I wonder if the pearl is changeable? Could make him an international pirate with a Tahitian or an Indonesian gold...


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All right, here's something interesting. You know, pearls n' skulls have become somewhat popular with the "in" crowd lately(yes, it's a bad pun). This pearl skull is just way too happy looking for my taste. A proper skull's grin should be sinister at least, and not suppose to imply, "Whoo hoo, it's so much fun dangling from this knot and looking down your blouse, babe!" Also, Mr. Pearl Head Skull seems to be perpetually winking. He's trying to pick up pearl-head-skull chicks. Way to go you sly diamond grinned dude!

Only $210.



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This is for the person that hates Xmas and is doing their best to book a two week Caribbean cruise that includes the 25th Dec. to the 1st of Jan. But what to wear? What to wear? It's almost a prerequisite that some sort of ridiculously big pearl cocktail ring be sported for the posh seafood buffet supper laid out every night. And traditionally, the ring should be big and blingy enough so that it will be stared(quite unbelievably)at by everybody at the table. But you just can't seem to find something like that in your jewellery box. Why is that? Oh right, you don't have a ridiculously big pearl cocktail ring. Well, here's one from that big jewellery box in the ether...

And you thought you didn't like mabes! Who wouldn't stare quite unbelievably at this, eh! It's actually scaring me a little because I think I like it a bit. With the price of gold these days, a shell shank seems to be the perfect answer. And if it "accidentally" got tossed, no, I mean fell into the sea after the cruise was over, you wouldn't have to feel guilty because the thing is almost fully biodegradable!


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