Another Xmas idea

I tried making some pearl Xmas ornaments this year. Ended up with a weird asteroidy thing. It has a small recycled styrofoam core and round pearls stuck into it glued on long pins. I used freshwaters but I think akoyas would have been more reflective. Another thing I did was to hot glue those half-potato(one side is flat)freshwaters to some otherwise boring glass ornaments that had lost their bling. Some of them came out mighty interesting(but heavy). I'm planning to string some tiny rounds and glue them round and round onto a big cardboard cone, thus making a "pearl tree".

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If you alternate many lightweight plastic lamp beads with an occasional old, worn PPB, you can reduce the overall weight and get more shiny. The strings hang better as well. Although,my tree still leans precariously. I prefer my pearls wrapped. Thank you all for both products and advise this season. It will be a very pearly one.