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  • Carol, Where are you????? I'm thinking about you and hope everything is going OK. Let me know. I wish I had your email address.
    Hey, thanks for the kind words, GemGeek!

    I got really busy at the end of September, and cold-turkeyed P-G, since there's no such thing as *just a bit* of P-G. There are always several interesting threads going, and it's too easy to get swept away. Also, people are always sincerely sharing their creations, purchases, and observations. P-G isn't the kind of place where I'd feel comfortable being trite or superficial, hence the temporary absence.

    The "recovering" refers to my life's goal: to not be an asshole. Much harder and worthier than aiming for money and power!

    Seems the best people I've ever met have always been super-competent, humble, and kind. Although those folks seem to have been born that way, I am experimenting with whether or not it's possible, through vigilance, to transform my innate assholean self (trust me) into the sort of being I'd be proud to be. One is never there, but always a "recovering" asshole. :)

    Do you think the "Ashmolean" Museum's founders made a typo? Heeheehee
    Ooh! I left my message for you, then looked at my own page to see you left one first! Great minds think alike? Welcome back. ;)
    If I could only keep one set of pearls, I would choose my Eyris Blue paua pearls. Second, would be my Sea of Cortez pearls. Actually, I'd have to keep both because I usually wear the Eyris earrings and ring with the Sea of Cortez pendant and ring. I guess I need a bracelet, too!

    I have lots of beautiful pearls, but those colors make me sooooo happy. I could never give them up. So if you are tempted to make a pearl purchase, wait and save up for something really special. I wear pendants much more than I wear pearl necklaces. And -- you can afford a terrific pendant pearl vs a whole strand of them. On the other hand, (or neck) if you want a traditional strand, you can't beat the Freshadamas.

    Just food for thought since you're being "tested". :)
    How do you know its antique? Very talented people have been making copies that fool even museum art experts for decades.
    Skeptical is best.
    Oh Carol, I need to make a trip over to Colo. I'm not that far away. I-70 is very close. Hubby works for IBM so I know about the software engineer lifestyle. From your profile it sounds like we two would be great friends with similar interests.
    I agree! But, being clueless, didna' see this message until just now. Sorry for the delayed response.

    This is such a swell forum! Warm fuzzies to the max! I wonder whether or not that says something about poils?

    Only, it's terrible--I'm saving for a "big" (for me) pearl purchase, and temptations such as the Biwa, Sea of Cortez, and so forth, keep on popping up outta the blue. My will power is constantly being tested!

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