Xmas Idea 2008

Check this out! It's the Xmas version of Lop Nur earrings!

So you have always secretly hankered for those priceless mythical natural red pearls in Zeide Erskine's (the infamous pearl-crap scholar)collection but you are not Bill Gates, you don't want to mug the Dalai Lama and you don't know where the infamous pearl-crap scholar Zeide Erskine has gone to. Plus, you can only spare 4.5 EUR....

I think these are made in Germany!



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Caitlin, here is a pearl encrusted vintage Xmas tree pin to rival your Xmas cactus pin!! Designed by Larry Vrba of Miriam Haskell fame.

I would wear it! Maybe. Anyway, there is no limit to decorative ostentation in regards to wedding cakes and vintage Xmas tree pins.


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Those are good! I would wear the pearl tree also, and the red earrings, well, at least for the Grandkids! They love stuff like that! And the cactus is pretty cute too!

Anyway, there is no limit to decorative ostentation in regards to wedding cakes and vintage Xmas tree pins.

You got that right!!
This bracelet disturbs me. Why? Because Zeide Erskine had a unholy love of red pearls and lampwork beads. So this looks like something my subconscience would think up to scare the bejesus out of me in my dreams.

For people who have never been exposed to Zeide Erskine, the bracelet is just some harmless crazy holly berry fun. Unless, you obsessively get it in your head that those red orbs are not holly berries at all, but freshly cut off noses from Rudolph and his descendants.



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Here's a tasteless, gaudy and un-politically correct combination fox and rabbit thing. If I got the right picture up, it is a dull purple too. I suppose that is what's left of the paint after getting sprayed with paint at the opening of the opera. BTW, It's under $1k

However, if you lust after it, it came out of that famous luxury Christmas Book 2008


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Here are the two of the most gaudy from Vulgari, as my youngest calls it.


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The bottom one looks like a road in the Emerald City of Oz, doesn't it? It looks so heavy the collarbone would have to get used to wearing it, rather like the breastplate in a knight's armor.
Here are the two of the most gaudy from Vulgari, as my youngest calls it.

Vulgari. Heheheh.

Well finally!! A luxury brand company that stuck some pearls in between their mega-bling bracelet design! See, I've been saying it all along---with the addition of some pearls, the customer can double their money's worth because it instantly becomes day wear too.

Is that a rule? My mother never taught me that one. I kinda like the bracelet, people could think it was a faux thing during the day.

Want to see some matching shoes? These were Judy Garland's in 1938 or so.


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Is that a rule?

One shouldn't wear coloured stones until after 5:00 p.m. But pearls are day wear, so I figure, throw some pearls on something blingy and colourful, and voila, you're got 24 hr. coverage.

The above only applies to "real" jewels.

I don't like coloured stones in anything except white metal, personal preference of course, they just look wrong to me.

As for mixing colours, eh, no!

DK :)
love the futurama santas...

Caitlin, I have actually tried the 3 strand version of that bracelet on - sorry to confess it still holds a little place in my "lusting after..." section of my heart/mind. It was completely because of the addition of the pearls .. 5 strands? I think just way too much. And that necklace? I think your daughter is right.
I think I found something for you, Jeremy. This thing isn't going to automatically tack on that silly "sent from my iPhone" phrase after every message. No sir, this is one sophisticated--- in-your-face, and a mugger's dream---mobile phone. Price upon inquiry.


The 105GMT Gold discovery


--Entire front and back is created from sapphire crystal
--DiscoveryTM Mechanism: Dual Swiss automatic mechanical, gold-plated watch
movements(illuminates when keys light up)
--Ability to see 3 time zones simultaneously; setting 2 international time zones with
the mechanical watches and using the electronic phone time for the local time
--Movements are attached to a unique 3D shock absorbing system (patent pending)
--Dual inset 24 Karat gold plated crowns 5 micron thick, 24 Karat gold plated CNC
machined, brass frame
--Inlayed CNC machined Ebony hardwood 24 Karat gold, hand painted lettering and
--Sapphire crystal buttons, hand painted with 24 Karat gold paint
--Gun metal black stainless steel screws
--Unique hidden sliding battery cover mechanism(patent pending) with the battery
cover made entirely from one large piece of sapphire crystal
--Optional: Diamond watch hours and diamond "M" symbol between watch
movements (illuminates when keys light up)
-Limited quantity of 50

Quadband GSM and dual band WCDMA

-Speaker phone
-3G luxury phone
-2 megapixel picture and video camera
-More than 1 GB of internal memory
-2" display with up to 16 million colors
-Music and video player
-Micro USB port allows quick connection to a PC,
-laptop, accessories, or charging


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That's actually a good one. If Jeremy ever gets it he can pose 007 style LOL!

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