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It's another year, and the very thoughtful people at Ginza Tanaka jewellers are just not going to disappoint us in their persistent crafting of solid gold and preposterously ostentatious Christmas decor. I knew they would come through! No one worries about the global credit crunch at Ginza Tanaka! And why should they? They live in some kind of magical Japanese office building where oblivious goldsmithing elves have once again come up with the "World's Most Expensive Christmas Tree Ever Made(until next year, of course)".

If you've got 150 million yen(1.6 millionUSD) burning a hole in your bank account, why not get this 21 kilogram 24k blingy branched tree? Decked out with 240 jewels including strings of pearls and diamonds, what an extraordinary jolly holiday impression this would make on visiting friends and family who have lost the equivalent of their retirement funds and are barely able to afford the homes they live in, let alone buy a threadbare pine tree and some tinsel.



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We got matching poinsettia's. Maybe we should skip the tree and feed a hungry kid?
150 Million Yen and it looks like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree spray painted. Sad.
well you know me- I am always on the cheap. I found these today...... only $51


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Her's a lovely item for such as Ashby and aggiep

This costume costs a mere$750.00


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Look! I found a pearl hat. One you can eat! Or compost; it's a cake.


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I do like the dress, Caitlin. Cost? Where to buy? The Christmas tree is just tasteless in my opinion.
I'll take the dress and a fondant covered cake as long as that's fruit cake under there.
LINK to pearl dress

If that is too expensive for you, try this one: The Anne Boleyn Gown

This gorgeous two-piece gown is sure to turn heads with its golden
champagne floral fabrics and sleeves lined in a deep burgundy. Artificial
pearls and two jeweled brooches accent the front, while the back laces
up for comfort. Dry clean only. Click here to view the size chart.


Since this post is a bit off topic anyway, this same company has a page called Wench Wear: LINK


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Look! I found a pearl hat. One you can eat! Or compost; it's a cake.

Hehehe. I might just try jamming that cake on my head!:D

Great find!!!
oh dear, i just saw pretty 16th century dresses, and so now i can't help myself...can i partially hijak the thread and ask who else is a historical costumer/costume buff, and what their favorite eras are? I'm not suprised there is overlap between people who like pearls and people who like elizabethan and tudor gowns...pearls eveerrryyywhere :) :)

i am fond of the (late) 17th and 18th centuries, and used to design for my college's early music society.
Satine de la Courcel (Ashby) is a 16th century buff, but she she makes everything herself. She has made some expert comments in her posts.
Those bodices on the wench wear page, have bones in them so they really make one look wenchy. I want one.........think it will help an old wench look young again?

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