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  • Hi Cathy,

    Love the new necklace-avatar you posted. How unusual those pearls look!

    Hope life's going well. How's Lucas' flying coming along?

    Lisa C
    Hi Cathy! I have just spent a wonderful time looking at your lovely website and gorgeous pearl creations. Just brilliant! :)

    Do you travel to China to get your pearls?
    Hello Gorgeous, I'm trying to work my way through the instructions lol. The boy isn't here to help, he's at a friend's place watching the new Harry Potter!!! I just made another coffee, that should help :eek:)
    After two years of part-time study and the on-going training at work I don't think my poor brain could cope with any more classes, at least not about computers lol.
    Thank you!! I'm not very sure about alot of computer stuff (aside from what I do at work) so I have to try to stay calm and not panic lol.
    Hello gorgeous Cathy, I overcame my nerves and just did my first post, how exciting! Are you proud of me lol? Hugs from Kerry.
    Good for you! I hope you did use the plastic bag instead of holding a pearl between your fingers while hammering... lol
    Yes I had a nice birthday. I'm still celebrating a bit before going back on the diet. Hey, I love your newest favorite in your gallery. ;)
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