Stolen Tahitians


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Mar 16, 2017
Hi my beautiful pearly family. I've been MIA, but have been checking the threads periodically to see how everyone and their pearls are doing.
I meant to post this sooner, but I was and a little still in sadness of my pearl loss.

Dec 23, Steven and I were in Tucson with our 8 month puppy at a dog park when we came back to our car with a broken window.

It looked as if they used a bat to hit the window multiple times and grabbed my 2 purses.

It was after church, I had changed clothes and I thought it would be safer to put away my jewelry, since I really run around with the puppy and get messy.

It was a really nice neighborhood, and I was a fool.

Everything was replaceable in my purses except my beautiful Tahitian strand. My beautiful Edison pendant and earrings, and my tahitian earrings were also in there, but I'm most saddened by my tahitian strand. It was the strand that I first restrung, it was the first pearl's I've ever bought, I've felt so many happy feelings wearing that strand.. and now it's with some scum. I've searched craigslist, Ebay, online searches of tahitian strand for sale. I've memorized almost each pearl on that strand, by changing the thread color and practicing stringing on it over and over again.
It was my fault to be so naive, and I feel blessed that it wasn't any worse... but pearl guide is the only place where I can really vent my feelings of sadness...and be understood of the pain I felt and still feel.
How awful! :( Such a violation. I'm truly sorry you lost these pearls you loved.
I am so very sorry this happened to you. It's like losing a family member. I hope you are able to recover them at some point. Have you checked pawn shops & given them pics of the necklace? Usually, car break ins are for items easily pawned or sold for cash.
I am very sorry to hear this. Sadly what is considered a "good" or affluent neighborhood is a typical target for smash and grab automobile break-ins.

Pawnshops are highly regulated, and they must report all pawn items in a database that is linked/uploaded to the local police departments. The police considering it an urgent matter is another thing, but you should definitely report it if you have not and provide pictures, and if you have time email them around to local pawnshops too. There is a "hold" requirement in most states and pawnshops, "we-buy-gold" folks etc are beholden to these requirements and these shops are not supposed to immediately dispose of the merchandise (sell for melt value), and are required to enter all sold goods and pawned goods into the database.

Don't give up hope, it might take a little work but give it a try. At the very least it might help you feel better that you gave it a go and help ease some of the pain of the loss.
Oh Abi, I am so sorry for your loss and horrible violation. Thankfully neither of you nor your pup were hurt in any way. I'm sure you have a photo of the strand, so why not send out copies to some of the local pawn shops and estate jewelers? It might not bear fruit, but then again, you might just get lucky! Was this the strand you were wearing in Tucson last year during Ms. Strack's talk? If so, I can fully understand your disappointment.
Oh, dear Abi, I am so so sorry to hear about the theft of your precious Tahitians. Of course I wish for their recovery; and your continued search. BPDDC had some good ideas. Do you have a photo you could post here? Many of our members peruse various websites on a regular basis; there's always the chance it might turn up.
Thank you everybody for understanding my pain, it is a significant strand.

BPDDC, 86CG, JerseyP, Pattye: I thought it might sound silly to call pawn shops, but that's because I don't have any experience with pawn shops in the past. I didn't know they wouldn't mind checking to see if they had my pearls. With so many suggestions, I feel more hope and will try to call and maybe pass by when we're in Tucson again!
We called the police right away, and they refused to come out. We ended up doing a report online the same day. My profile pic is one picture of my strand. My phone was stolen and had all my pictures of my pearls, I think I have another picture of me wearing them in a social site and will try posting soon. Unless they restrung it, doubtful, my strand had rose gold balls in between some of my pearls, and it's a round 14k rose gold clasp.

Again, I really appreciate y'alls compassion, I know I haven't been active in awhile and still am treated as part of the PG family :')
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I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It's a terrible thing and I'm sure you feel violated. Pawn shops and estate jewelry shops are a good place to look. I will keep my fingers crossed that you will find your pearls.

Once part of the group always part of the group ;) welcome back.
Hugs. At least no physical harm came to you. Emotional harm, yes. You are resilient.
Did you phone have a "Where's my Phone feature?" Of course the GPS needed to be active too.
I hate thieves. I've had a phone stolen from my car before and both my kids have had their car windows broken with contents stolen. It really sucks to be vandalized. I really hope you find your strand. It is angering and upsetting at least it is an item that can be replaced. Did you call your car and home owner insurance to see if either will cover it?
I'm so sorry Abi, it's such a violation to be stolen from. Years ago, our family had irreplaceable rings and pendants stolen from us (including my great-grandma's wedding ring). You have every right to be upset. It sounds like you really took pride in that strand :(
I'm so sorry- it can be devastating to lose a treasured personal item.
This is awful to hear -- I hope you're able to recover them. Best wishes,
Hi Abi. I'm glad to see you back here, but so sorry about the theft of your pearls ... that's distressing. Gentle hugs to you,
Abi this is just terrible. You poor thing, what a shock that must have been when you saw your car. JP is quite right in naming it a violation. You didn't post a photo here or on PriceScope ? Did you send a photo to anyone ? Anything up in the cloud ? I do hope you are able to get them back. I'm so sorry this happened to you. xxk
Thank you Familiar and New PG family for your warm consolations, all of y'alls words really mean a lot.
I went ahead and called some pawn shops, but they kept saying how I need to go through the police/new items are stored in a vault their managers have a key to and they don't, and they don't release that information, only to the police. Something about how they hold the item for 2-3 weeks before actually putting it on sale... and then they changed it and said it'll probably take 2-3 months...
Pretty much the run around.
I'm hoping to go to Tucson soon, and drop by a pawn shop in person.

The money we'll get back from the car ins we're planning on using for our deductible because it wasn't only the glass the thieves broke, but also part of the door.

I found a couple pictures, which I'll post soon.