Stolen Tahitians

This was a pearl bath

A bath of pearls

And this was an evolution of the strand, where I added and removed Pearl's to my liking.

An evolving pearl strand
Honestly this is why I suggested you email them versus cold calling. Even still, they may choose to ignore your email, but if they then have a copy of the communications. All of this can serve as supporting documentation for the police.

If you are set on calling around versus emailing them, I also suggest looking up local regulations for pawnshops in your area, if you are going to call and they give you the run around you can cite the appropriate regulations/legal requirements they are subjected to follow. Key holder or not, they are obligated to know these regulations... taking in/trafficking in stolen merchandise is bad business, and it happens a lot. Granted there are shops that are shady and do it anyway, but generally speaking it is not in their best interest to trade in stolen merchandise and those regulations are there to help protect the shop's liability and assist the potential victim and assist the police in recovering merchandise.
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The fact that you worked to improve the strand, to make it just the way you wanted it, makes it so hard to lose it. :( I have a favorite strand I did that with, too.

The little gold (or gold filled) beads between some of the pearls is a distinguishing feature.

I hope you find the pearls.
Sorry to hear about your smash and grab, very upsetting to lose such treasured pearls.
Do hope they are found somehow, somewhere.
Ohh woowe sorry to hear about your loss. That strand is irreplaceable. I hope all the luck in the world that somehow you will find it.
Hi @pattye I tried to clink on the link to find out what happened with @Abi 's pearls but it looks like the link is you have the rest of the story? thank you!

The links have been reset. You can get to the original thread now.