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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Today it was one pretty pearl. Lavender Edison pearl pictured here in the morning sunlight. The luster on this pearl is truly amazing.

Click image for larger version  Name:	Today_1218.jpg Views:	1 Size:	43.4 KB ID:	362924Click image for larger version  Name:	Today_1219.jpg Views:	1 Size:	35.2 KB ID:	362925

Thank you for your kind comments on my Tahitian ropes.
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Three layers of black pearl bracelets for me today. I find I wear these bracelets almost everyday. I really love seeing my pearls. I might stop at three though, they are quite heavy together. Ok, maybe four :) ,i can always have two on each wrist.2015-10-23 14.22.15.jpg


Active member
Wow! Look at the color and shine on the ring and the bracelets. Just wow. My pearls today look positively dull in comparison, and mine actually do have a gorgeous luster in real life.

Today I'm wearing my coin pearl necklace and my new Kojima teardrops.



New member
Y'all need to STOP!!! You're making me feel like I don't have enough pretty pearls in my collection and need to buy more! But honestly, I love seeing the different variations and how everyone mix and matches their pearls. I'm such a bland pearl wearer in comparison so it is good to be inspired to do more, wear more!


New member
ckrickett -- you look so elegant in that last shot! I love the combination of neck full of Tahitians and GSS studs.


New member
I love all the gorgeous pearls being posted. I am too far behind to comment on them all.

I am really digging the Gellner-style pearl and gemstone rondelle necklaces Purranha, Kelluv and Red made. Purranha, the multiple necklaces layered together are just fantastic. I have a peacock baroque strand from the PP Tahitian sale that is just waiting for me to find the right gemstone beads to create my own "Big Bang." If I manage to pull that off, I would love to get some of Jac's blues for another necklace.


Active member
My natural white Hanadama rope from PP and my Mikimoto white gold huggies.



(Holy crap. I've never seen the inside of my ears before. Trust me, that's not earwax. I just Murined my ears yesterday. I promise to crop my photos better in the future.)

I liked the earrings so much I got them in yellow gold, too, but those seem to match my pinked pearls better. The white gold ones seem to match my natural white pearls better. Something to think about if you decide to order from the Mikimoto website. The color of their pearls differs depending on the color of their clasp.

Here's the white gold version on the left and the yellow gold version on the right.
Below is my natural white Hanadamas and my late Aunt Love's pinked Blue Lagoons. They look white in real life.


The design of the hoop part is such that it makes my hole appear higher, and I like that.
They are also much lighter to wear than my new drops.


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