Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thanks everyone and especially Douglas, for all the support! Trying again after Douglas has made a few more adjustments...

The bracelet of Robert Wan pearls is about the only thing I took to Hawaii with me, besides the Traveling Pearl. Took a pic on the beach during my early morning walk. The second pic has Tahitian posts I bought in Hawaii several years ago, and I brought the small abalone shells home with me after having the abalone meat for a snack.

Well, one out of two... I guess my iPad is just not in sync with this site.:17:
O wow jeg this pic is a treasure...Abalone shells are one of my favorites and that Robert Wan bracelet is just exquisite!
I haven't given up yet!
But I don't know what to do...wish I had a way to see how bits and bytes flow across the internet :sigh:
Thank you SurfnSci, Charlotta, Cathy Keshi!

SurfnSci Oh the online window shopoing! I keep unfollowing and following again different pearly many temptations out there...
CathyKeshi you are right, the labradorites are super sparkly in the evening! A fun party necklace!
Charlotta your jadeit pieces are lovely and again an inspiration for me!
jeg So happy to see you post again! Your Robert Wan bracelet is fabulous! What a lovely picture with the abalone shells! Amazing colors there!
WOW, you may have only gotten 1 out of 2, Jeg, but what a photo!!! You motivate me to go find my little abalone shells and gaze at them again :). And then, I would have to get out my Fiji shells, my beloved SOC shell, my ... and none of you are likely to ever hear from me again LOL. (Walter thinks that might be a good thing ... ;)) Douglas, don't fret, that IT guy will get it figured out at some point; we know you try so hard.
Thank you, Douglas, eolian and Cathy! I was tempted to ask the restaurant if they would save the shells for me, or, I’ll just have to eat more abalone next time.:yumyum:

Golden SS strand from my last visit to Kojima, twisted with a strand of multi goldens, worn with little h earrings.

Good morning! Beautigul goldens jeg and Little h's earrings go really well with them :arms:

On a side note, to All Golden SS Pearl lovers: Did you read the news supplied by Jewelmer yesterday? An exclusive for the PG forum!
Thanks, Douglas! I did not read the news- please share where to read it!:p:yes(1):
jeg , your Goldens are phenomenal. Brings sunshine to my day just to see them.

I wore my Figi strand today while running errands. I'll load the pic tomorrow.
Thank you, Douglas, echo, and 86C!!:veryhappy: Whoa, Douglas, I have not paid enough attention to the other tabs in this forum. You have really put in a lot of work with your write ups on pearl news and education. I have some reading to catch up on!

Waterfall style necklace and big Tahitian pendant from Kojima, and a bracelet I put together with pearls I chose individually from the Tahiti Pearl Market in Hawaii (no longer there).
I gave my Robert Wan pearls a bath and restrung them after all the abuse they took on my trip. I love Pattye’s teal Serafil so much with multicolored Tahitians, that I bought a lifetime supply bolt. I hesitated using this pic because the color is not accurate- IRL it has more green- a very pretty teal. And then, I ended up needing to use a heavier weight. Don’t remember that before, but luckily I had some on hand.
Beautiful combination, Jeg. You (and so many others here on the forum) have such a knack of combining and layering pearls!
jeg I am so glad you are able to post pictures again! Your Robert Wan bracelet is sublime, and those GSS are literally glowing on your neck - I really like the torsade styling, too, and the little h earrings pair so well. The Kojima T pendant is stunning (and appeals to my pearl shrinkage syndrome, WOW)
CortezPearls To echo jeg, thank you for all of your pearl news and education write-ups! They are always so informative and well written, and I have learned so much!

Today I'm wearing a Kasumi pearl from Druzy mounted on the PP "desire" setting that I switched out from a different pendant.


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Douglas, thanks so much for the Jewelmer article! Appreciate having the pic sizing issue fixed, too!

SurfnSci What a luminous pearl and how perfect to be able to look down to admire it! White metal is so complimentary to this gorgeous pastel pearl! Do you wear yellow and rose metals also?

jeg Loving these latest combos; the bubble strand always makes me smile! Your Wan bracelet just glows with color!

I'm delighted that so many of our tribe enjoy stringing their own pearls and using less traditional colored thread at times!

You all are the best for keeping the stories and photos coming ~ :love:​​​​​​​
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Thank you so much, pattye! I typically stick to silver or gold, though I love the way rose gold looks on others. And you completely guessed my reason for wearing it on a long pendant (which I don't usually like since it gets in the way at work) - I think the top part of the pearl has the best coloration ;) I've also never taken a pic from this angle before, haha
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