Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Wow SurfnSci, that pearl is luminous and ethereal ... the setting really suits the pearl!
SurfnSci this pastel kasumi pearl looks wonderful on the dainty chain against your white top. Simple and elegant :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Today is quite sunny so I pulled out my pearls. Robert Wan earrings from Pearlescence. These are probably the Ts I have that show up best against my black hair thanks to their lustre. My gothically dark T bracelet. Only certain lighting can bring out their green tinge. Otherwise they are very dark and monochrome. Last is light GSS pendant worn on sterling silver ball chain.


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That pendant is gorgeous SurfnSci and the colors amazing
Your pearls all looks amazing echo, the tahitians have great luster. My tahitian earrings from Pearlescence are also amazing when worn (and otherwise as well of course). I remember when I opened the package with my blue tahitian studs, I couldn't believe that such a stunning color existed. To this day it's one of my favorite earrings.
Charlotta thank you! I remember seeing the photos of your blue T studs and I was like :shocked:. Totally see why they are your favourite earrings. My purchase from Pearlescence has been a bit hit and miss. This pair of wan pearls are amazing. But another pair of very dark aubergine studs is a bit meh…one pearl has obviously better lustre than the other. The less lustrous pearl also has a little patch of missing nacre layer. However I know price reflects the quality. And Pearlescence certainly offers great value :D
I know, incredible color. They go with everything. Except with maybe golden south seas.
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Here with a pair of silvery blue tahitians from cmw pearls. I know what you mean about aubergine tahitians. Amazing if the color is just right, but sometimes they look muddy, on me at least. I have an 8mm pair from Oceanscove that are really pretty.
Charlotta I know that muddy look you describe:pat:. I found aubergine coloured Tahitian earrings very difficult to pull off, at least for me. Also a lot dyed freshwater pearls got aubergine colour as well. When you get the right pearl colour it just brightens up your face. Your little aubergine Tahitian studs look very lovely. Would love to see a photo of them on you :smile:
Thank you Charlotta, TriciaS, SurfnSci, and Pattye, for all your kind words. Thanks again SurfnSci- the posting thing is still spotty for me, so I end up going between my phone and iPad. Haven’t tried the laptop, but I rarely use that for anything. I absolutely adore your Kasumi pearl! The color is so pretty and crinkly Kasumi luster is just unmatched. Those aubergine posts are beautiful, Charlotta! And echo, I especially like those earrings!

I made a pearl charm bracelet with tiny blue Tahitians from JNB. They are a beautiful teal blue that photographs a little dark for me.
Thank you, Douglas, echo, and 86C!!:veryhappy: Whoa, Douglas, I have not paid enough attention to the other tabs in this forum. You have really put in a lot of work with your write ups on pearl news and education. I have some reading to catch up on!

My pleasure jeg ! I have been adding up information to make this great forum even greater! All the work that Jeremy, Caitlin, Blaire and others have put into it over decades has to be kept up as to have these available for all present and future pearl-people. I have removed spam from old entries, I have edited text with erroneous characters (after one of the few other forum updates), added images/photos to old posts, re-edited all the information that required updating...and it is not over. My plan is to just keep making this forum better every year :)

But it is always all-of-you, dear forum members and Pearl-Family, that make keep this forum alive. So, please continue to keep it alive and let us making it grow together. :arms:​​​​​​​
Thank you very much for you kind words, Pattye, CathyKeshi, Echo, Charlotta and Jeg!!!

echo Your Robert Wan T studs are gorgeous - what luster! I love that style with the bar-drop and they really look fantastic on you. They look great paired with your lovely bracelet. Your GSS pendant is lovely and also looks very lustrous!
Charlotta Gorgeous stud pairs, and wow, those blue Ts are so dreamy
jeg I love your dainty paperclip charm bracelet design, and those teal-blue JNB Ts are beautiful! I love Kasumi pearls, especially after reading Sarah's information page and learning about the incredible dedication, hardwork and passion that goes in to producing them! A full strand is on my bucket list for sure, though every time I try to start saving for one, I get derailed by CWM, Druzy and JNB, haha:shrug:
OMG so much to catch up on!!!!

jeg !!!! YOU’re the one who got all those blue lovelies from JNB!!!! I am laughing the pearl world really is quite small! I was admiring these but I am proudly on my pearl ban as of one week and decided to just keep on admiring them...and then they just ALL disappeared!!!!! Happy to know they ended up in your creative hands, they truly are beautiful and the bracelet is incredible!!!! Love love LOVE it!!!! And wonderful that I get to see them again;-) Of course I love all your combinations as always, the golden corsade..sigh...

SurfnSci asuch an amazing Kasumi pendant! What a beauty! Such a dreamy special pearl!

echo Love your pendant! Such a lovely shape and luster! And those Robert Wan earrings look amazing! It is so hard to capture the colors on earrings so they must be even more amazing IRL! The dark pearls... very very tricky...I love my one dark earrings from Tehotumana on Etsy (aubergine+teal) but before I found these there were quite a few pairs that were sent back from different vendors... My new dark CMW bracelets should be arriving next week (fingers crossed) and I am very curious to see how they hold up the color...and will definitely let you know :)

As for Pearlescence, I am a happy customer of Wendy’s, I usually ask for more pictures if I am not sure, and she has a great return policy in any case. I agree you get what you pay for, and sometimes even much more;-) The earrings I got for my Mom that were Robert Wan had beautiful peacock color and great luster, they were just a bit button and circled at the back where no one sees...Mom loves them and they were an amazing deal!

Charlotta your blues are stunning! Always happy to see them and your other earrings as well...But the blues...:heart:

Finally I get to what I was wearing today :—) Robert Wan keshi necklace/bracet from Pearlescence. Started the day as a necklace but soon became a bracelet... Bracelets are my favorites;-) I plan to restring this with some colorful Serafil but the sea is still warm for long swims...Must wait until the winter...


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Thank you for your kind words jeg, SurfnSci and eolian pearls! Everyone here is so creative with your pearls. I still have so much to learn, starting with learning how to restring my pearls lol. eolian pearls look forward to see your dark bracelet when it arrives
Oh, my!!! Such beautiful pearls! Ladies, keep those gorgeous pics coming.

Finally getting around to posting pics of the Fiji pearl necklace from the other day & the GSS necklace twisted with a faceted & tumbled citrine & petal Keshia necklace I had forgotten about.


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eolian pearls Thank you! And oh WOW those are gorgeous Robert Wan keshis! They are so lustrous and color-saturated! I would seriously just stare at them on my wrist all day and not be able to get anything done :D
86Corvettegirl Your Fiji necklace is a knockout! And your beautiful GSS/keshi/citrine torsade styling looks fantastic. Those pearls are glowing on you!
One day echo I will probably be able to take an earshot that isn't totally off focus. For some reason the camera only focus on for example my hair...
Beautiful blues jeg

Those keshis are amazing eolian pearls. I did buy two ministrands of champagney, silvery tahitian keshis from Druzydesign but I still haven't used them. After two months. I blame impressionistic inspired strands that have kept me busy. Yesterday I did arrange them with some blue tahitians for maybe a bracelet. I do have some more arranging to do before it's done.
​​​​​​​Such pretty strands 86Corvettegirl. They look great on you.
Thank you ladies! I havent received the dark pearls yet but I did get a pearly package with my “consolation pearls” ;-) Some very colorful circles from CMW pearls that I bought when I was feeling down about the “lost package” I quickly put together this temporary bracelet just to see them on my wrist and yay this will be my happy bracelet! I took some pics of my other bracelets and then just played around...



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That's a happy looking bracelet eolian pearls. I tried making an ombre strand with my loose tahitian keshis, some blue tahitians, white south seas and some champagne south seas. I don't like it. I think that I have to put them away for a only took some 3-4 years to find the right place for my freshwater ripples...these keshis eludes me as well...even though they are very pretty. I could put them on some stretch cord, but then I would have to ream out some of the drillholes. That would be very close to my fingers. Well see
I agree 100% Lovely bracelet...of the necklaces, I love how the keshi just add their "baroqueness" so it adds a playful look to the average pearl necklace.
eolian pearls Beautiful new Happy bracelet! Those circles are so cool - some of the pearls look like tiny planets. It looks great with your other lovely bracelets, too.